The eInc organization is a smart contract with pre-defined protocol

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The Future of the Organization

The purpose of EtherInc is to create alternative protocols to run decentralized organizations and build decentralized applications, providing a different set of sacrifices that we believe will be very useful for large classes of decentralized applications, with particular emphasis on situations where rapid development time, security for small and rarely used applications, and the ability of different applications to interact very efficiently, is important. 

EtherInc does this by building what is essentially the basic abstract base layer: a blockchain with the integrated Turing-integrated programming language, which enables anyone to write smart contracts and decentralized apps where they can create their own arbitrary rules for ownership, transaction format and state transition function. Namecoin's nude-bone versions can be written in two lines of code, and other protocols such as currency and reputation systems can be built under twenty. Smart contracts, cryptographic boxes containing values and only unlock when certain conditions are met, can also be built on platforms, with much more power than those offered by Bitcoin scripts because of the added strength of Turing completeness, consciousness value, blockchain- awareness and state.


The first DAO LIVE platform

The ETI section is fuel from EtherInc blockchain, such as the ETH section as fuel in the Ethereum blockchain

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How EtherInc Ethereum Crypto Blockchain Fork Works

EtherInc has succeeded in establishing a so-called comprehensive abstract grounding layer composed of blockchain networks with an inbuilt programming language. This means anyone in the ecosystem will be able to create smart contracts as well as other decentralized applications where they can set their own ownership rules, state transition functions and transaction formats. This platform will be very useful for making decentralized apps, especially in situations where employers are looking for a fast development time and also different application capabilities interact efficiently.

The eInc organization is an intelligent contract with pre-defined protocol (eInc protocol) and works on blockchain EtherInc, each eInc has a unique name and will be managed by smart contract eIncNS (service organization name eInc).

We decided to take a different path from Ethereum:

reducing blocking time from 15 seconds to 6 years, which has increased:

network transactions per second 2.5x
The transaction confirmation rate is 2.5x
Award 2.5x miners
abolition of reward reward
the implementation of the finished supply for valuable coins

ETI Token ICO ETI Retail

ICO pre sale started: 05/07/18
ICO sale pre ends: 05/15/18
ICO sales start: 05/25/18
ICO sale ends: 06/25/18
Coin symbol: ETI
Total supply of coins: 997,528,142 ETI
Number of coins in coinsale: 450,000,000 ET

Eliminating Initial Costs and Triggering Businesses
This makes blockchain eInc faster than Ethereum and allows better scaling while maintaining decentralization.

einc is made as Ethereum blockchain forks with replay protection and, therefore, has all the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain with some of our additional enhancements.

Use your ETH to claim your free ETI

As mentioned above, all the costs and hassle around startup have forced many dreams to be missed. EtherIn eliminates all legal, operational and financial requirements to create a new startup. To launch your company, all you have to do is choose a name first and you can set up your blockchain company. Next, you can add founding members and then start assigning roles to your team.

As part of building your team, EtherInc allows you to issue shares to your founding team, with a unique voting power based on percentage shares. This allows you to seamlessly distribute ownership without borders, allowing you to bring different experts into your company. You can also determine how certain actions in your company are triggered or decided by creating a smart contract.

In the case of collaboration, EtherInc offers a sound platform where business owners can create a company proposal for voting. The voting process is done in a very safe way that is impossible to forge. Proposals received may then be entered into smart contracts, with payments being triggered only after all terms in the contract have been met.

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you can visit some of the following links:






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