The future of health care with the Shivom project.

The Shivom project opens up new opportunities in the field of medicine based on DNA and Blockchain technology. The project proposes to connect these two spheres for the future development of mankind. All companies that research and develop drugs and treatments based on DNA will become part of the entire Shivom network. Together they will form an ecosystem in which they can provide people with the best quality health care.

Team and partners -

The project was founded at the end of 2016, the company has already managed to achieve a lot, collecting good funding. Pre-sale of OmiX tokens has already brought the desired result for the implementation of the project. Therefore, very soon, users will have the opportunity to participate in the public sale of tokens, which will start on May 3, 2018.

Registration for participation in ICO of Shivom project on the site -

Once the necessary investment is received and the tokens are sold, users will have the opportunity to use Shivom to obtain data about their DNA and to pay information about their genomes to third parties. Further development of the project is connected with the creation of the Shivom network, which will consist of interested companies in DNA research.

Shivom's tokens will be called OmiX, and their purpose is to provide the ability to sell data to users and purchase data for interested parties. In addition, it is with OmiX participants will be able to access premium services, and data providers - access to the platform as a whole.

DNA tests will also be paid along with the assay kit with the Blockchain system and OmiX tokens. In addition, Shivom will work closely with various third-party applications. It will be various solutions for fitness and health. Users will be able to use the purchased OmiX tokens to pay for such services.

Shivom is built on full transparency, protection of user data and maximum user safety. The idea is to create a platform that will allow users around the world to have data about their DNA along with the opportunity to share them, both for free and for a fee. Thus, a single database on the genomes of people will be created, so that they can share them, and others - effectively use them to create various methods of treatment.

All data in the company Shivom will be safely stored in Blockchain and distributed through smart contracts. Blockchain technology has proved to be a reliable way of storing and transmitting data because it, firstly, allows you to safely store all kinds of information, preventing interference from other parties, and second, it also allows you to transfer this data safely and quickly between two parties.

The platform will be designed for the population of the whole planet, so that the maximum number of users can enjoy the benefits of Shivom. This means that even residents of poor countries who are not that they can not share data about DNA, but they themselves do not know anything about their genomes, because they simply do not have such an opportunity.

The company Shivom also took into account the fact that not all people on the planet have access to quality medicine. In this regard, users around the world will be able to receive the results of analyzes of their genomes directly through the Shivom platform. Thanks to this, every person on the planet will know the features of his DNA and everything connected with it.

In addition to developing platforms and smart contracts, Shivom will partner with various medical and research centers, as well as pharmaceutical companies, in 2018, and then in the middle of the year the Shivom web platform will be available to users around the world.


I remind that now the company Shivom conducts a public sale of OmiX tokens which will begin already tomorrow on May 3, 2018.

Registration for participation in ICO of Shivom project on the site -

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