FintruX Global P2P Lending Ecosystem Powered By Ethereum And No-Code Development.


FintruX Network is a blockchain based online ecosystem connecting borrowers, lenders, and rated service agencies. FintruX facilitates marketplace lending in a true peer-to-peer network to ease the cash-flow issues of small businesses and startups.

FintruX aims to make unsecured loans highly secure. Harnessing over two decades of experience serving the securitization sector, we apply cascading levels of credit enhancements to offer unprecedented risk reduction towards unsecured loans. Interest cost reduction is one of the most important motivations in securitization. It is often done via credit enhancement. We can apply the same principles to reduce the high interest rates normally associated with unsecured loans, making it attractive to both borrowers and lenders. Our goal at FintruX Network is to disrupt the way unsecured loans are being originated and administered. This innovative concept solves three major issues for small businesses, especially startups, to borrow from accredited investors and financial institutions. By applying credit enhancements, FintruX Network seeks to neutralize the lender’s credit risk and, in the case of a default, provide cascading levels of insurances to cover the loss — thereby increasing the overall credit rating and lowering interest rates simultaneously. The four cascading levels of credit enhancement include over-collateralization as additional collateral, a local third-party guarantor, cross-collateralization as insurance, and FintruX ultimate protection reserve. A unique smart contract is generated and deployed by FintruX Network for each individual borrowing at real time to provide unambiguous, immutable, and censorship resistant records where no arbitration is required. In addition to simplifying the loan application process via instant matching, FintruX Network also provides borrowers with post-funding self-serve administration options such as refinance and prepayment. FintruX Network is a multi-sided marketplace and ecosystem that delivers value not just to borrowers and lenders, but also to third-party guarantors and specialized service agents. We are making borrowing and lending a no-brainer for both borrowers and investors.


About FintruX

An unsecured loan is a loan that is not protected or secured by any asset. In this case the lender is taking a lot more risk and would likely charge a higher interest rate. The riskier the loan, the more expensive it will be. We make borrowing and lending a no-brainer for both borrowers and investors.

FintruX Network is one of the world’s first blockchain based online marketplace and automated administration platform connecting borrowers, lenders, and specialized servicing agents, enabling them to configure and construct each borrower contract real-time.

Giving people choice to select better lenders and borrowers have lower interest rates and counting with the securitization industry to creating a environment to make the investors or funders to feel more comfortable and also to offer some discount when the act as kinds of guarantors. 


FintruX has 4 levels of protection:

LEVEL 1: Over-Collateralization
 Holding 10% of each loan as over-collateralization to covers 1 out of 10 bad loans and additional default protection.

LEVEL 2: Third-Party Guarantors
 Individuals invited as guarantor to the loans of their choice taking risk and compensation packages, but and in the case of defaults, cover the losses.

LEVEL 3: Cross-Collateralization
 The 10% held back from every loan is pooled together in a cross-collateralization pool which functions as an insurance to cover all loans within the same class, this pool can offer a sufficient coverage ratio against the average loan loss.

LEVEL 4: FintruX Reserve
 The ultimate protection is 5% of all FTX Tokens have been reserved to cover any unexpected losses in the unlikely event that all previous credit enhancers fail.

Also has transparency by using the blockchain technology, offering decentralization who gives people power to have the control of your lives again, once the information don’t belong to any corporation. Making possible to bring reliable, affordable and global lending solutions to as many people as possible.

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