Neironix Ico - What is Neironix?

What is Neironix?
Neironix is the first independent international rating agency for investment risk evaluation in blockchain economics, where ratings are assigned to the projects automatically on the basis of mathematical scoring results, neuron networks, and multidimensional analysis of large bulk of data. The platform is designed for analysis and subsequent management of risks typical of projects with investments in projects with high degree of uncertainty.
Neironix, as a global aggregator of financial analytics for cryptocurrency markets, it allows accumulation and classification of the aggregate information into risk factors, which are interpreted for the subsequent use of scoring for ICO and blockchain projects

The advantage makes Neironix stand out.

Historical record
Information transparency
Neironix as end product
Team uniqueness
Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
Time advance
Online data analysis
Online tracking
Neironix ecosystem includes:
Neironix uses a set of tools — flows of content and information necessary to select ICO projects for investment. Neironix’s objects are private and professional investors as well as ICO projects.
Neironix for private investors

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Monitoring and notifications about changes in a specific ICO project rating;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Analytics for financial markets;
Access to the system of adjusted notifications dealing with monitoring of financial analytics
Neironix for professional investors

Results of final rating, multidimensional scoring of ICO projects;
Dynamic tracking of risk factors and degree of their impact on the resulting rating;
Flexible system of monitoring and notifications about deviations from acceptable risk levels with regards to a specific ICO project;
Monitoring as to the discharge of key Road Map obligations for each implemented ICO project;
Structured analysis of capital for each ICO project at the stages of Token Sale;
Structured analysis of major token holders for each implemented ICO project;
Cognitive analysis of reports in traditional and social media for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of probable Pump and Dump for each implemented ICO project;
Monitoring of calendars for planned and actual token listing;
Popularity index for cryptocurrencies and tokens;
Indices and multipliers;
Historical data and analytics for financial markets;
Market reviews and analytics;
Analytics for traditional and social media;
Structured data for preparation of professional judgments

Neironix is the first independent international rating agency which evaluates investment risks in the blockchain economy where projects are rated automatically based on the result of mathematical scoring, neural networks and the multidimensional analysis of a large amount of data.

High dynamics of growth in investments.
Digital Resources aren't just part of contemporary economic climate, nevertheless indicate a fresh stage of the worldwide financial development too. The marketplace of investments in technical blockchain start-ups isn't restricted by national boundaries, thus a fresh age of other investments has arrived. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that's replaced conventional IPO (Initial Public Offering) could be your vital investment site of electronic economics.

All ICO held in 2016 taken together increased $96 million. In 2017, this amount climbed to $3.7 billion, whilst the capitalization of cryptocurrency economy reached $372 billion. The motives for this large dynamics of growth in investments lie at the radically growing number of fresh blockchain Start-ups and increasing fascination with investments within blockchain sector.

Insufficient marketplace regulation.
The Insufficient of cryptocurrency investment market can be found in the shortage of rules and mechanics for bringing financial funds denominated in fiat money adjusted to the legislation legal in the states of dilemma. The sum of such tools appreciably surpasses the potential for blockchain marketplace. The flows of fiat money are within the administration of hedge and venture funds, which extend from investments in cryptocurrency projects on account of lack of overhauling and transparent procedures of hazard evaluation and direction to investments within this world.
Analysis of project’s competitive landscape
In order to generate a carefully handpicked choice on earth of fiat investments together with respect to each issue undertaking, professional decision will be formed. In reality, it's the test of most objective things capable of affecting the yield on the loss in spent funds. At the moment, that the blockchain market includes no information-providing services which could be employed for a pro appraisal of endeavors.

At The exact identical time, plenty of evaluation bureaus are working in the market of blockchain and crypto-economics. They utilize only the pros' subjective remarks, frequently taken care of and so are jagged. In reality, such tests can't be in the class of decisions that are professional.

Historical album
At The second of its launching, Neironix comprises an integrated analytical database assembled on the grounds of events from the blockchain marketplace. The info about 4,138 ICO endeavors implemented from the blockchain market within the last several years are recorded by the job initiators and accumulated by the machine individually. Neironix has assembled the very deep database managing cryptocurrency financial and projects info about the blockchain marketplace.

In terms of API resources, we're incorporated with 90 cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, we're assessing and collecting statistical data with respect to 5,270 cryptocurrencies and implemented ICO projects.

Neironix increases criteria of Crypto Currency marketplace
Neironix takes an active role in the maturation of cryptocurrency marketplace standards. It ensures that the Provider's direction in its own market section and participation of users at the undertaking. Our evaluation and hazard management methodology reflects a fresh and one of a kind standard on the market of blockchain economics.
Project management at all stages of the project’s lifecycle;
Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and idea;
Full checklist for ICO preparation;
ICO scoring;
KYC verification of project stakeholders;
ICO blogging on the Neironix platform;
Publication of press releases, reports and project news;
Analytics for token bidding, notifications about flow of funds for major token holders;
Analytics for advertisement sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.
Neironix NRX Token ICO Details
Parameters Of The ICO
Token Symbol: NRX
Token Sale Date: 09/01/18–11/30/18
Token Price: 0,001061571 ETH
Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
Total Supply: 140,000,000 NRX
Token Standard: ERC20
Soft Cap: $1,000,000
Hard Cap: $31,000,000

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