Kvantor-Real freedom to economic agents of the world market

Guys came up with a cool thing! namely:

Historical model of the international financial system, in which the United States
are the main player using the dollar as the main reserve and settlement
currency, has a number of serious problems. Us control over the world currency system
regulation creates not only significant risks for national economies, but also
a significant advantage in favor of the American economy. In such a situation, the principle
the task of an increasing number of States and financial entities is to get out of the AML
the control of the United States.
In addition, the rapidly developing settentrionale and datacentres
modern business and state management systems provide for the elimination of
intermediaries between participants of economic actions, "uberization", maximum
the transition to direct transactions with the use of modern information platforms.
The technology of distributed register (blockchain) and it is based on digital tokens
become the object of more and more attention and niche perspective
investment of the business community.
The world's major banks and financial institutions have already formed several
consortia that create technology platforms for the corporate market, including
which are best known: HyperLedger, Ethereum Enterprise, Ripple, Corda. But none of
developed in the world1 platform does not solve the problem of withdrawal from the traditional dollar
US-oriented financial mechanisms, ensuring de facto freedom
deals, pricing and financing, the release of economic
and national interests from political pressure exerted through traditional
financial institution.
Project objective:
The purpose of the KVANTOR project is to give real freedom to economic agents of the world market:

  • use advanced technologies of mutual settlements;
  • make transactions at competitive and affordable prices beyond the control of cartels
    and corporations;
  • reduce costs for clerks-operators, lawyers, " contract specialists
    work" and registration of a set of unnecessary documents;
  • transfer funds instantly (in most cases – automatically) to those points
    development that gives the greatest return with minimal risk.
    The platform will reduce the time of money transfer to minutes, transaction costs and
    the risk of errors is almost zero, the volume of requested documents to a minimum.
    Commodity exchanges, using KVANTOR, will be able to provide their customers with
    services based on technologies of the future, and banks will become not just financial
    institutions as full partners of the business.
    We create a tool for the formation of an ecosystem of equal economic agents
    (from individuals to transnational corporations), which has no entry threshold,
    provides participants with work on the win-win model, erases economic and political
    borders, and at the same time has the highest level of data protection.
    Project description:
  • 70% - potential reduction in the cost of the main financial statements in
    optimization of data quality, transparency and internal control;
    • 30-50% – potential reduction of costs for compliance with regulatory
    regulation both at the product level and in General, thanks to
    increased transparency and ease of cross-checking of financial transactions;
  • 50% - potential reduction in the cost of centralized activities, such as,
    how to KYC and design new customers thanks to improved digital mechanisms
    identity identification and easier sharing of customer data
    for all participants in the process;
    • 50% – a potential reduction in the cost of business transactions: activities professionals
    the support and oversight of transactions, clearing and settlement, the investigation may be
    fully or partially automated by reducing the need for such
    key elements to date such as reconciliation and confirmation of transactions, and
    an analysis of the erroneous transactions.
    The blockchain technology embedded in the KVANTOR platform will make it possible to refuse
    a large number of elements of modern operating infrastructure, high quality
    improving key processes and having a major impact on reducing costs.
    In addition, the platform solves the problem of providing the necessary level
    confidentiality of transactions. It is designed in such a way that complete information
    only their parties own the deals. Service companies receive only that information,
    which was allowed by the participants of the transaction, national regulators - only information
    in accordance with national legislation, and unauthorized regulators
    (for example, other countries) can not get information at all.
    Model of income and expenditure of the project:

    Road Map
    First quarter • the project was initiated by
    II quarter * selection of top and middle management completed,
    formed the backbone of the development and sales team
    Third quarter • completed the formation of the team
  • identified key technology partners
  • finalised technological and methodological
    the basics of platform development
    IV quarter • identified key regional partners in the
    platform promotion
  • beta-version of "Interbank" functionality has been released
    I quarter • commercial version of the functionality was released
    «Interbank transfer»
  • agreements with regional partners
    to promote the platform
  • the structure of support for the developed
    II quarter • first contracts for the provision of
    interbank transfer services
    III quarter * beta-version of "Banking" functionality was released
    Fourth quarter • identified regional "anchor customers" as
    basis for platform development and generation
  • commercial version of the functionality has been released
    «Banking service»
    I quarter • first contracts for the provision of
    banking service
  • "Client club" was created to obtain operational
    feedback from customers and strategic
    platform development planning
    II quarter • beta-version of the functional was released
    "Exchange trading services»
    III quarter • commercial version of the functionality was released
    "Exchange trading services" (the product version will be
    issued upon reaching the amount of funds raised
    20 million USD)
  • first contracts for the provision of
    exchange trading services.
    Main project functions:

Information on them to the author and :
Call 8 (800) 777-27-84
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Website: http://kvantor.com
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