Opiria & PDATA Token

Opiria and the PDATA Token create an ecosystem for the secure trading of personal data while fully protecting consumers’ data privacy and granting them full control over direct payments for their personal data.
The PDATA runs on an Opiria platform that enables the creation of an income stream that is passive by the customer that monetizes their personal data. PDATA currency token shows the personal data value. Customers can now sell their personal data directly to companies.
How does it work?
Companies ask consumers for permission to access their personal data via Opiria-platform. Consumers give their consent and provide the information, using a smart contract between the consumer and the company. Then, the consumer is paid with PDATA tokens, and the company gets the requested personal data.
Opiria and the PDATA Token fully protect consumers’ data and grant them full control over direct payments.

The company PDATA TOKEN and Opiria differ from their competitors in that they have already had a ready product and the company Opiria has already worked with large companies.
Here is the operating principle of the platform. We as users will be able to fill in personal information, and companies that need it will buy it directly from us. Payment will be made through PDATA TOKEN. Thus, we receive a platform with a single means of payment, which enables us to make many payments with minimal commissions.

Opiria has already developed applications for iOS and Android, as well as a web portal. Users can conduct surveys and earn money almost anywhere, anytime. They say the entire ecosystem with the PDATA token will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019. Opiria says its service helps customers and businesses alike.
PDATA tokens
The Opiria platform uses its own PDATA tokens created on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. With PDATA tokens, companies will reward users for participating in surveys, as well as buying personal information directly from consumers.

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