Blockshipping — the best sea transport сontainer project, that will change the world shipping industry through a blockhain algorithm

Hello dear readers, today we will touch on the topic of using blockhain on a global scale. As you can see, the population of the land is increasing every day, the demand for the quantity of the goods increases with cargo transportation. The most dangerous are sea shipping, since at the current time the traditional system does not withstand the enormous loads and mathematical miscalculations. In addition, with the growth of people and the number of workers grows, they need to pay salaries and hence sellers are forced to raise the price of goods for taxes. This system is obsolete and will get a new life by applying artificial intelligence and instant, as well as transparent, smart contracts. Whether you are a manufacturer, or a consumer, each party will benefit from the new technology providing endless potentially breakthrough technologies of the 21st century.

Peter Ludvigsen for over 39 years engaged in sea freight. You can be assured of this project, as it has concluded a strategic global agreement with the funding of private angels and the Danish Marine Fund. Everyone sees a global advantage from new technologies and wants to be the first in breakthrough world solutions.

What will the progressive algorithm bring to the marine shipping ecosystem?

It will help to put more than 27 million freight containers in a single registry database around the world making it possible to instantly gain access to any container, every company, on any ship anywhere in the world. This advantage will save more than 5.7 billion dollars. per year for the entire industry, as well as the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions by not less than 4.6 million tons per year, due to the progressive Artificial Intelligence, which will eliminate all human errors. The project platform will function on a GSCP system that includes 2 tokens — CPT for recalculation of containers, CCC — to generate revenue for the total share of revenue.  The task of the CPT will be the globalization of the calculations of all platform users, the product providers will receive profit in the CCC token which, accumulating in the common pool, will offer various trade bonuses to improve interaction with platform users offering external recalculations of profits to any other token in the Ethereum erc-20 system. Money Marker Fund will convert CCC to CPT and back without commissions.

Also, the artificial intelligence of the platform will introduce an entirely new container filling system in which the artificial intelligence automatically, through a single database, calculates the maximum loading of the container and immediately finds a place in the warehouse at the unloading seaport, after transporting the goods from point A to point B.

How does the project plan to get ahead of competitors in the trust of those who bought the token?

Thanks to the world fund, which will support the token, as the project is one of the best at the moment and the large investor has previously calculated that it will bring a good aftermarket after the course has grown. After all, the project is being developed for the whole world, and not for individual regions. ICO 2.0 speaks for itself, this is the highest level of security investment class AAA +. The project is aimed at long-term investment and will do many X 100–1000+ from the starting price. Visual video shows how already at the first stages the system automatically divides the goods into groups helping to distribute the export and import.

My mark

This is one of the few projects that will really use the opportunities of blockhain in the business sphere, as the creator of Ethereum intended. Right now the world is on a new technological progressive economic and technological breakthrough and you can also take part in buying a token, or take advantage of the platform for doing business in problematic solutions on a massive scale. The project will bring world powers to a whole new level, giving an optimization that has never been before.

Token sale will be finish on June 14, 2018.

The price of one CCC token will be $ 0.62. A total of 50,000,000 tokens CCC will be sold.

Team & Advisor only the best professionals dedicated their whole life to the technology of the project

14 people

Road map will be finish on Q1 2019






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