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Hello dear friends. Today I want to talk about the wonderful Brazilian crypto-exchange CriptoHub. It is able to solve all the current problems for the Brazilian population: high commissions for the introduction of funds, the lack of Brazilian support as it is now on major exchanges, as well as most importantly it is a virtually commission-free withdrawal of funds into the national Brazilian currency. Also the main problem was the transparent and fast registration of Brazilian users, this problem will be solved by CriptoHub as well, and will add many cryptopars to its stock exchange. The population of Brazil is more than 200 million people, so the kryptornka appear a lot of new participants. The project plans to become the largest crypto-exchange in Brazil for the year with the most loyal conditions.


The project team has extensive experience in marketing and the preferences of its customers, so they know exactly what new customers want. The SEO department will promote the project in the Brazilian regions. In the same way, the project will have the lowest commission from 0.75% clients’ conclusions and offer a loyalty program for token holders in the form of bonuses and discounts when buying goods in various stores. An additional advantage of the platform will be an advanced referral program that will give up to 20% of the profits of customers. Also, an additional program of services and loyalty will be applied for co-applicants whose $ 70,000 dollars. The road map will end in August 2019. The CHBR token will be used in the ERC-20 system.


Cost of 1 CHBR Token: 0.0005 ETH. Number of Tokens: 100,000,000. Hardcap: $10,000,000. Crypto-exchange, lchshaya for the current moment, a lot of advisers financed it, I recommend that you get a token. The course is planned to make x 100, as it was with the current popular stock exchanges in 7 months.




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