Cryptorobotics — one of the best exchanges, which unites the 30 most important crypto-exchanges and will also make it possible for algo trading on mobile versions of devices

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Hello readers, today we will try to study in more detail the topic of high-frequency trade through one of the most outstanding crypto-project at the moment CryptoRobotics. How often do you ask yourself the question — why can not one button be made that will produce all the routine users pressed with a single click? I want to congratulate you, you found what you wanted for a long time, it is this project that will do everything for you with one click. The project will help to expose a stop-loss, take-profit and trailing stop with a single click, your trade will be on a completely new level and you will be able to no think about the problems that an unprepared user usually does, opening transactions only with the correct algorithm. To maximize adoption for any conditions, the project, unlike its obsolete competitors, provides unlimited possibilities.


You can simultaneously trade on 30 crypto-exchange exchanges, as well as to optimize trading strategies without knowledge of in-depth bases. Even beginners will be able to have all the tools to create their main idea, because the platform has a progressive robot designer equipped with the most advanced algorithms. You can also purchase ready-made shopping solutions. The platform is completely free, in contrast to competitors, who even for half of the functionality require a significant amount. If you do not understand the algorithm of trade transactions, then the service of copying transactions will always help you. The most important innovation and technical breakthrough is a neural network analysis of the market and the ability to constantly re-optimize trading parameters automatically, more commonly in normal programs such a function is not provided and it was necessary to manually do everything yourself, painstakingly conducting many hours of analysis. I myself trade on the stock exchange and can confidently say that it is this grail option that everyone is looking for. Now you do not even need to sit and wait for a deal in a traditional terminal, all options will be available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS.


For such perfect and harmonious work, the project team has developed a completely new approach that will ensure the full and stable operation of all components of the system. You can see how the database will interact with backtesting, as well as transferring information to mobile versions of devices. A great advantage will also be the transparent system of PAM accounts, which is based on smart contracts Ethereum. The crypto-terminal will connect all the important components.


The project is also dedicated to the rest of the project team, they are engaged in the development of trading robots for more than 10 years and know exactly what is needed for a stable profit. Also, the additional advantage is manifested in the significant number of Advisors, and in that they are from different countries.

My mark

The project has a significant advantage over competitors, as it offers a complete solution. I am sure that the project will be popular. Also, if you are interested in designing trading robots, you can sell them on the internal store, and receive a stable passive income.

Technical information

The road map for the Cryptorobotics project will be completed in 2020, all in all, 120000000 million tokens will be released. The price of one token ROBO = 0.00015 ETH. ICO will last until June 20, 2018 and will be completed.



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