Online — the best registry and online blocking of paid scam sites, all types of viruses and scripts, as well as the opportunity to earn on site visits statistics


Hello dear friends, today I want to touch surfing on the Internet. How often would you come across sites after the discovery of which you had a lot of advertising, virus and spam windows? This problem needs to be solved, because through such modifications, pro-government organizations, as well as hackers, can hack into users’ computers. The Online project will make a transparent database of the best sites, without virus advertising and links, in which the community will determine only useful sites. will implement a decentralized ecosystem that integrates all the necessary functions for faster, safer and more personalized web page browsing. By 2020, the profit from online advertising will be 1.12 trillion USD. Over $ 170 billion was stolen in 2017, after the code of official information.

Online crypto Wallet will contain: enhanced security, and include Two-factor authentication; Fingerprint and face recognition; The ability to enter the purse using 2 devices; Vault option (cancellation of payments after reaching a certain time).

Blockhain Online project will combine:

Privacy and security — truthful statistics of the transition across the entire site of people and what queries they most often dial in real time.

Great community and truthful statistics — each user can independently evaluate sites, each user can independentland add your preferences to the general registery evaluate sites.

Security and lack of payment for access to phishing sites — only quality and completely free sites.

Increase in attendance — seeing the truthful information people start visiting different sites that they did not know before.

Online crypto Wallet will contain: enhanced security, and include Two-factor authentication; Fingerprint and face recognition; The ability to enter the purse using 2 devices; Vault option (cancellation of payments after reaching a certain time).


Also, in addition, smartcontracts will give full anonymity, since all operator’s operations — the input of characters from the keyboard, the picture on the screen will be transmitted in encrypted form, guaranteeing full anonymity of the user. For site owners, such a sit down with the time of reviews, will not reduce earnings, but on the contrary will force users to read advertising from the beginning and the end, because from the time spent on the promotion of advertising will depend on the income of both the visitor and the owner of the site. created on the basis of Ethereum, as well as a new algorithm will be created Proof of Online that does not require computational costs, but works on the number of visitors. 3 tokens will be created:

Online Ethereum token (OIO) — will combine Proof -of- Stake and Proof- of- Online algorithms. The purpose of OIO tokens should be used once after the sale of the tokens. In the future they will not be used and will be converted to ICE tokens.

ICE Ethereum token (ICE) — is intended for micropayments within the network. Each week a certain number of tokens will be generated, which will subsequently be distributed between the parties: 20% for holders of OIO tokens; 20% of the founders of the award for future development of solutions and marketing and partnership goals; 60% of website operators. Each week visits to each website will be converted to ICE tokens and paid by the site owner. Users can rate the site from 1 to 5 stars, 5 stars representing the highest quality. From the number of stars will depend on how many tokens the site owner will receive.

Trust token (TST) — token for incentives. Also, the use of TST is used as a gas for transactions, and can subsequently be burned to increase and decrease the cost of gas. A separate gas token is needed in order to minimize the commission when transferring (ICE) tokens by the site owner.


Using the Guardian architecture, java script will be used to identify harmful extensions on the site. Using the principle of time-hungry, as well as a common base of virus extensions, system will automatically blot out harmful extensions.

My mark

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At the current moment, this is one of the best projects that has 3 tokens in its class, in contrast to competitors it will be possible to earn the same on burnt tokens. I put the best evaluation for the project.

Technical information


Maximum number of tokens: 2,500,000,000. OIO token price: 0.04 USD . Payment methods accepted: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Eth. Classic. Soft cap of: 5,000,000 USD. Hard cap of: 50,000,000 USD. Road map to be completed in Q4 2019. The project team has 22 people, with experience more than 15 years.



Author: novikov433
Bitcointalk profile:;u=1043836

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