AllforMiner - is a decentralized service platform for Crypto-currency.



    Currently, around the mining of crypto-currencies develops a great deal of excitement. The reason for this hype is the growth of the rate of leading crypto-currencies and the simplicity of their extraction. But with the influx of miners every year it is increasingly difficult to benefit from the production of crypto-currency, you have to spend large sums to buy expensive equipment and expensive cooling systems. 

    Moreover, in order to buy a new equipment for the producer, he needs to profitably sell the earned crypto currency at the exchange, exchange it for real money and only then buy equipment. As we know, the more exchange operations, the more «%» we lose. Personally, I see several solutions to this problem: 

1. Reduce to zero the number of transactions to purchase new equipment. (provide the opportunity to purchase equipment using crypto currency) 

2. Increase the productivity of their machines and reduce the cost of electricity. (modern submerged cooling systems and modern mining machines ASIC) 

3. Use a new crypto currency for transactions and create a trading platform on which to use the new crypto currency. To maintain the exchange rate, the currency will be issued in a limited circulation and will have a relatively constant rate… 

    That's what this is about!   

                                                   Brief view of the project: 

     AllforMiner - is a decentralized service platform that simplifies the mining of crypto currency. The objectives of the project are to simplify the exchange of crypto currency for money and create its own trading platform where it will be possible to buy all the equipment using the most famous crypto-currencies that are among the top ten by capitalization.

     At the moment, the project launches the ICO and plans to attract the attention of investors, equipment vendors and the miners themselves. 

     MinerToken – This is the project's own currency created on the contract ERC20 Etherium.

     In addition, AllforMiner is going to launch the development and manufacture of cooling equipment!

     At the moment, the scheme of earnings of the miners looks as follows:  

      As you can see, the procedure takes place in 5 stages, on each of which - the miner lose % for the commission. With the beginning of the full-fledged work of AllforMiner the scheme will look like this:     As we can see, the number of transactions has decreased and, consequently, the loss of money has also decreased. With innovations AllforMiner it will be possible to practically directly deduce and reinvest the earned means. 

                                                         Welcome to ICO!

    A total of 10,000,000 MinerToken (MIT)

    The price 1 MIT = 1 EUR.

                                                 MIT token distribution scheme 


              Scheme of distribution of collected funds from the sale of tokens 


                                         Factors affecting prices MIT tokens

    MIT will be released once and in a limited amount, this will avoid inflation of the token. The fixed price for buying a token is 1EUR. As with any project, the further increase in the token rate will depend on the company's prospects in the market. As you have already understood, the demand is created thanks to the bypass of the commission. Also, the price of the token will depend on the turnover on the trading platform AllforMiner - Trading. If you manage to buy MIT tokens at a bargain price - it will be a good investment in the future!

Founder of the company:
Grand Monolit - CZ s.r.o. ICO: 04542045
Ruslan Faryniak - CEO   

Development team:  
Aleks Becker - Co-founder, Blockchain Developer
Aleksandr Staych - Co-founder, Engineer
Sergei Martakov - User Interface & Full-stack Developer
Roman Kalinin - Graphics Designer
Lily Katsman - PR, Copywriting Manager
Oleg Dodenko - Front-end Developer
Dmitry Igorevich - SMO, SMM Manager
Aliaksandr Yenza - JAVA Developer, QA  

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