In search of the bounty

Recently, I decided to do bounty. And in this case it is necessary to study a lot of projects that appear on the market every day. I have a little experience in choosing good ICO. I have defined the criteria for the selection of companies to pass the bounty.
So, 1. Idea, goal, mission of the project. This should be interesting, relevant and realistic.

  1. Softcap and hardcap. The funds should be consistent with the objectives of the project, so this should be paid attention to.
  2. I'm not very good at white paper, but I still read. at least there should be logical at first glance for the layman.
  3. Team and partners. Well, if the links to personal accounts for team members. So I can make sure these are real people and read about them online. I also go to partner sites, there are cases of fake partners. Or the well-known brands are listed, but there is no partnership between them.
  4. Site design. Maybe it's not that important, but I see it's a good job. Not a website in 5 minutes.
  5. Reviews and popularity on the forum.
    Here is a small list of criteria for selecting good projects.
    And here I found the Yamzy project.
    Let's look at this project according to the specified criteria.

Yamzu is designed as a fully operational, browser-based eSports tournament platform. The Yamzu platform makes eSports competitions available to any gamer in any location on Earth.

I think that this project meets the requirements of relevance, prospects and realism. Because today in computer games played by many people. And this market itself is promising. But for various cyber tournaments you need to attract sponsors and not all players are experts in this. Currently Yamzu supports CS:GO and LoL, two of the most popular eSports games in the world. The platform is ready to integrate many more popular games such as DOTA2, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and PUBG.

Soft CAP is 3,000,000 € hard CAP 13,000,000 € In my opinion, this is an appropriate value for the implementation of the project.
I read the white paper, and I think it's okay. It includes :

  • Abstract ;
  • Yamzu Overview;
  • Market Analysis;
  • Competitor Analysis;
  • Use Cases;
  • Points of Strength;
  • Technology;
  • Yamzu on Blockchain;
  • Yamzu - putting trust back into eSports;
  • Token Model;
  • Token Functionality;
  • Token Sale;
  • Use of Funds;
  • Roadmap;
  • The Team;
  • Appendix;
  • Financial Statement;
  • Sources.

    Each team member has a link to their LinkedIn account and there is information about Them on the website and white paper.
    Also listed are partners-successful companies, and you can go to their website to learn more.
    I like how the site is designed, it is clear that the team is not indifferent to their project and has prepared a good product.
    Regarding the forum, I saw the table of participants in the bounty of the company and saw that there is quite a lot of heroes and legendary. Also bounty rules are adequate. Managers perform their work responsibly. in
    Well, I can only wish success to this team and see what happens!

You can find the profile on the forum;u=1871224

Telegram: Instagram:
Linked in:

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