Review. Platform onechain all-in-ONE crypto Dapp

Hello! I want to make a review about the project called Onechain - it is smart solution for everyone, have great unique features for all cryptocurrency community!

From one side Onechain - is simple system of useful instrument for users in cryptocurrency world! But not so simple because it unique system works in real time, on blockchain system and in the same time its wallet, thunder transfer, decentralized exchange and decentralized chat for everyone.

So what the main features when you using Onechain project?

  • it is Super Wallet - thats mean that wallets can support more than 700 cryptocurrensies, users controlling their private key, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitshares systems;
  • Decentralized Exchange, thats mean - 20,000 peak Transactions per Second (TPS), Decentralize, secure and transparent exchange, Capable of withstanding malicious attacks and also supports almost mainstream cryptocurrency;
  • Decentralizet Chat, thats mean - free using, Anti-censorship, end-to-end encryption;
  • Thunder Transfer - thats mean for users - 5 seconds for any cryptocurrency transfer, ERC20 tokens transfer without gas, Lower transfer fee than Bitcoin network, Cross-chain technology connects all blockchains.
    And all this features are very interesting for active users in cryptocurrency world!

As trader I liked the most - ERC20 tokens transfer without gas, its very meaningfully and gives big opportunities for traders.

This project have many plans, they developed good roadmap:


Here are the functions that the project offers:

  • safety (encryption of end-to-end public and private key information);
  • small dense cirlce (small dense circle based on graphene / EOS. Support for small-ticket fees, so that valuable content returns);
  • Powerful (support text, emoticons, voice, pictures, etc.; support small dense circle; support for easy delivery of mainstream digital currency);
  • Reputation system (based on the blockchain user reputation system, can not be tampered with, true and reliable);
  • Digital gift (in addition to the basic chat, but also to build a fun and lively digital gift market, so chatting is more interesting);
  • Globalization (based on the global decentralized structure, it creates a global decentralized real-time communication system with high performance and high availability);
  • Blacklist (people who you do not want to see can never be seen).

I downloaded the APP to mobile on android, learning it, it very comfortable to use! There is very comfortable chat where I can find and speak with my friends and users from cryptocommunity! Also I liked very much the function - mining! You can mining the tokens, nothing need to do, just press the button! Also I can trade, it very comfortable to use APP to trade! So waiting as soon as possible more trading units!

Like this project and recommending to join!

The main links and contacts of the project are here:








Always choose only the best!

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