CargoCoin - Transportation Industry Disrupter!

CargoCoin aims to establish a free global marketplace for trade & transport, through blockchain, smart contracts. The Cargo platform ultimately aims to enhance the rise of the Cargo Coin token value by generating a wide user base on the free of charge services section of the platform and the introduction of smart contracts for users to create demand for the Cargo Coin tokens which will further increase the value of the coins.

About CargoCoin

CargoCoin is a smart platform with the objective to create a global market place for trade & transport services supported by smart contracts & crypto payment methods. CargoCoin uses the blockchain to revolutionize the transportation industry by eliminating inefficiencies and creating massive value for businesses in the industry. The CargoCoin platform target extends globally to any trading company or individual, shipping line, freight forwarder, ship broker and other parties involved in the global trade and transport. The Platform has 2 cores i.e. SERVICES & UTILITIES. Maritime transport is the least technologically developed industry. This is the reason behind the decision to start off with this particular sector. The Services are FREE (no monthly or annual fees) & they are designed to create a global marketplace for trade & transport. Wide user base is a prime objective.

Cargo Platform

The Cargo platform has been presented in several stages that will incorporate smart contracts in various fields. The platforms have been presented under the following 1. Shipping platform – A platform that will connect importers, exporters, freight forwarders, booking agents, ship brokers, ship owners, etc. into a single unified marketplace.

  • Inland platform – development of the global inland transport platform, utilising Smart Contracts. The inland platform will cover all ground based transport, such as trucks, railroad, pipes, etc.
  • Cargo all-purpose platform – The development of a marketplace, utilising Smart Contracts, allowing manufacturers to showcase their produce and connect them directly with customers, through an established link to the ship and inland transport platforms.
  • Air cargo platform – Development of air cargo transport, utilising Smart Contracts, including cargo planes, cargo choppers and drones.

Benefits of using the Cargocoin

CargoCoin solves a number of problems in the shipping industry.

  • Reducing Fraud: CargoCoin minimizes the possibility of fraud by providing a wide new range of accountability and transparency, thanks to the immutability and high level of trust of the blockchain

  • Lowering Costs: CargoCoin will significantly lower costs for businesses by simplifying the fee structure. With CargoCoin, Businesses won’t have to worry about hidden fees from banks, brokers, and insurers. All fees are completely transparent, so businesses know that they’re being given a fair price.

  • Minimizing Delays: CargoCoin will minimize delays by providing all parties involved with instant exchange review for approval of documents and payments. In traditional systems, delays are often caused due to obvious inefficiencies. Thanks to the blockchain, CargoCoin’s platform works 24/7. Unlike traditional systems, CargoCoin’s platform does not require human intervention to work. Simply reducing these delays will add massive value to the industry, as payment delays alone cost businesses approximately $19 billion per year. Now that’s a lot of money!

  • Maximized Security/Trust: CargoCoin uses the public Ethereum blockchain for its platform. This allows for complete security for businesses. Ethereum is a proven and trusted technology. Because of this, Ethereum guarantees the maximum possible security for its users, and that includes businesses that use CargoCoin as well.

CRGO token will be based on the newest ERC223 token standard as it will be available in the very near future, which has major improvements compared to the ERC20 token standard. The ERC223 allows for more advanced, precise and universal handling of smart contracts, required for the project, while at the same time avoiding potential token traps. The issued tokens will fully act as smart contracts programmed in Solidity and available as open source for everyone to review and inspect the code, thus serving all purposes of the project simultaneously.

  • Token Information

Token: CargoCoin
Price: 1 CRGO = 1 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Minimum investment: 50 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 55,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC: KYC

  • Token Distribution

CargoCoin will be distributed as follows:
10% pre-ICO (soft cap);
55% ICO (hard cap);
15% distributed towards the team and advisers. Available after up to 6 months following the successful completion of the ICO.
10% bounty & affiliate program
10% reserved for exchanges liquidity, etc.

Token supply is low with 100 million of CRGO tokens, which brings high risk to reward ratio. Prices would increase or decrease very fast when the tokens start being traded. Nauticus is a new exchange which has an active ICO at the moment of this writing. Team states that their ultimate goal is to increase demand to token thus deliver value to ICO supporters. This is supported by the funds distribution scheme.

The Team

The lead engineer of CargoCoin and fundamental figure of the organization is Bogomil Alexandrov. He has over 20 years of involvement in the improvement of money related programming. Martin Iliev is another organizer with very nearly 20 years working in coordination and transportation.


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