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Good afternoon dear friends! Today we will talk about such direction as crediting in the field of crypto currencies. Agree, this topic is sufficiently developed, and since the young direction of crypto currencies is just taking its toll, then this sphere is dispelling at good rates. Considering the fact that today, more and more spheres are implementing the calculation by crypto currency, it can be understood that soon the fiat will not be of interest to anyone. And, consequently, as now in Fiat, and in the crypt people need loans. So, who can implement such a complex process? I present to you such a wonderful project as eCoinomic. Now I'll tell you about it.

ECoinomic is basically a project that will allow people to take loans in crypto currency, as well as such an opportunity as to give out these loans to other users and at the same time earning on it. It's also important that you can buy and sell currency on the platform, as well as make various investments that suit you. The most interesting is that thanks to the blockade, this technology, on which this project is based, realizes the exclusion of intermediaries from the relationship between the creditor and the borrower. At the same time, a serious smart contract will be used to safely and reliably make transactions and issue / receive loans. At the expense of excluding intermediaries, the prices for commissions will also fall. That will make them miserable and more than affordable.

The principle of operation is very simple. Like the very idea of ​​this project. Users will receive loans in one of the currencies, which is very convenient and simple. And as a security they will have to leave one of the crypto currencies. This can be known to all crypto currencies, like BTC or ETH, or the internal token of the CNC platform. So, upon the return of the loan, this pledge is returned to the borrower and only a meager commission for granting the loan is withheld.

I would also like to outline the benefits that will be available to both creditors and ordinary borrowers. First of all, this is a benefit, which will be just the way. It will be available, for example, to users who hold tokens to make profit at a price increase or, for example, those who earned it for any merit.

Investors will also receive their tidbit in the form of benefits and profits. That will make it possible to receive a decent income.

And about the chips of the project:

  1. A huge number of currencies that can be used in a roll of collateral for a loan. What it means is convenience for users.
  2. High transaction speed of crypto currency. What also makes the platform special and very convenient.
    3.Quality assessment and monitoring of the value of collateral for the loan online.
  3. Thanks to the innovative technology of blocking and smart contracts, users can be calm for their blood, and also for the safety of their personal data.
  4. The project also has a reserve financial fund, which increases the prospect of the project.
  5. And a great thing, such as the alpha version! That is, this is a big step towards the realization of the finished product, not in words, but in deeds.

Now I would like to talk about the ICO of this platform.

The token is called: CNC.
A total of tokens will be issued: 2,100,000,000 CNC tokens.
For sale will be 1 550 000 000 tokens CNC.
The minimum sales target: 6 000 000 $.
Maximum sales target: $ 106,000,000.
Date of sales: from May 1, 2018 to May 31, 2018.


Official website:
White Paper:

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