Fair Ninja - the world first multinational online classifieds platform

What is truthful Ninja?

The truthful Ninja platform is that the world's initial multi-national on-line advertising platform wherever anyone from round the world can purchase and sell product and services round the world. The developer's goal is to attach the key world secret market to one market, creating transactions easier than ever. additionally, the truthful Ninja platform can at the start provide absolutely integrated payment strategies for cryptographical currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ERC twenty standards from Yoshicoin. With the assistance of good Contract truthful, Ninja provides clear, reliable, secure and anonymous transactions that conduct on-line and free international trade.

Not solely the net market, individual sellers and patrons have several blessings. though patrons should have access to unprecedented access to a large sort of product, markets and on-line sellers, a lot of and a lot of individuals square measure commerce their product and services. And with the assistance of associate degree automatic translation tool to support the truthful Ninja, language and communication barriers are going to be removed, which is able to enable it to enter the international market. additionally, by victimization good contracts, the user will understand that the product and payments square measure offered, and may conduct the business safely utterly.

Obviously, truthful Ninja may be a terribly formidable project, and no drawback. However, developers believe that this drawback are going to be resolved by getting into the international market through block-chain technology within the product center, ultimately making associate degree freelance world on-line advertising market.

The internet makes it simpler to find certain items out there for rent. This is truly the type of business to strive for today and I hope Fair Ninja is going to be in a position to solve this issue. It has the potential to modify the worldwide payments market and make the pricey system that we’re currently made to use redundant. The Gig Economy is among the fastest growing market segments in the international economy.

Give us your trust and we’ll provide you the future. Gauss Development is as a high excellent development agency with over 75 employees delivering a wide variety of IT solutions. However, developers think this problem is going to be solved by going into the global market through blockchain technology at the middle of the item, ultimately creating an independent international market for internet advertising.

The Fair Ninja platform is the world’s very first multinational online advertising platform to purchase and sell services and products from all over the Earth, anywhere on the planet. Moreover, it will be the first to offer fully integrated cryptocurrency payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as our own ERC20-compliant Yoshi coin.

It will be the first to offer fully integrated cryptocurrency payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, as well as our own ERC20-compliant Yoshi coin. Unveiling the very first complete solution for internet classifieds, this platform enables users to complete transactions in both the top cryptocurrencies together with our own ERC-20 compliant Yoshi coin, thereby enabling a completely free flow of products and services together with frictionless and dependable transactions.

It provides you with the platform which offers a set of decentralized solutions through blockchain. The platform simply takes on this task and you’ve got the chance to synchronize your ads from some other websites. In addition, it has the capacity to boost new blockchain platforms, because it is going to give the blockchain community a new means to fund its own projects.


The main ICO is planned for the second quarter of 2018.
His name is Yoshi
Ticker. Symbol: YSH.
Total: five hundred million YSH.
50%: token. out there available.
Softkap: $ five,000,000.
Hardcap: twenty three.25 million greenbacks
to ICO: 0.08 USD
ICO token price: zero.1 USD

  • 2018 (January) - the emergence of the concept. Registration of the company Fair Ninja
  • 2018 (second quarter) - ICO stage launch2018 (third quarter) - the beginning of the platform development. Expanding partnerships
  • 2018 (third quarter) - coin listing on Yoshicoin exchanges
  • 2018 (fourth quarter) - Active marketing. PR-company. Partnership with many online stores
  • 2019 (first quarter) - Fair Ninja platform and mobile app Release.
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