Are you looking for the perfect investment? There are so many possibilities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market that you could lose days trying to know everything that you need to know about it. With so many investments, it is absolutely natural that you will need some guidance. You should know that I am aware of this and my blog will always be here reviewing the best investments for you and giving you the hottest tips about the blockchain market.

Today, we are going to review a project named GIGTRICKS. Over the past few years, Freelance has become a trend for young people to choose work, with ease, freedom and creativity. Freelance is understood as freelance work and those who operate in the field are called freelancers. They provide paid services themself and are not bound by long-term relationships with individuals or organizations.

Freelancer is becoming an increasingly popular trend throughout the world. In the United States, where freelancers grow most rapidly, more than 40 million workers are now giving up a full-time job to move to a freelance job. Freelancers can get many different jobs and arrange their own time at home, on their own, as long as the results are delivered on time.

Someone who likes freedom or does not feel "satisfied" with the boss, so, they applied to leave off work. Someone who works at a certain company and still works overtime. Especially in the field of advertising, the copywriter after a period of work too stressed out and turning to freelancing is not rare story.

To solve this situation offers a team of specialists, having developed a universal project with which they intend to improve the situation on the freelance market. GigTricks is a private limited company incorporated into inside Gibraltaar fits together with the Companies Act 2014. Gibraltar was chosen to be established because of his understanding that his jurisdiction is vague. friendly.

The GigTricks company is trying to trigger the most recent version of the current freelance platform that can be futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create winning scenarios for all involved stakeholders.

GigTricks has a vision of where they think it will come true because it creates a viable, open and low cost freelance platform that can try to get the function coming from as many countries as possible.

Vision and Mission of the GigTricks Project

The mission of Gig

Tricks Company

Attempts to create a completely updated version of an existing freelance platform, which is futuristic in its ability to offer opportunities, minimize risks and create winning scenarios for all stakeholders.

Vision of Project GigTrick 

They plan to be true. This vision can come true, because it creates a viable, affordable and inexpensive freelance platform that will benefit from as many countries as possible!

Ecosystem Architecture of the GigTricks Project

Designed to provide high scalability to ensure flexibility. This means that the freelancer will be able to :

  • Sell.
  • Sell
    their Products and / or services on the Internet or off-line as part of the ecosystem.

For example

Digital marketers can develop, and also offer courses or sell products or services on the GigTricks platform online or offline (ie, privately). Then freelancers can be paid through GigTricks cryptographic markers, named as GigBit tokens (GBTC).

Future Platform GigTricks

As a first generation platform that gives investors an unlikely problem at the time and the right solution that responds to changes in the encryption market and encryption pricing, this platform is a potential user.

This can be used for

It also aims not only to build an ecosystem that creates trade and mutual benefit among users but also to build a platform that can continue to stabilize revenue without minimizing its activities on mobile devices.

This will resolve issues most commonly faced by investors, improve GigTricks performance, and provide smart solutions with platforms that facilitate access to the account.



GigBit marker, (GBTC) based on the ERC20 format, and works on the Ethereum netbook, as it will be easy to use and market the community. Ethereum-based marker, is a good solution for routine payments that exceed small amounts, such as $ 0.0001.

The GigTicks project will use Gigbit credit for micropayment to make it more economical. GigBit loans are not traded. They will be released by platform and can only be converted to GigBit bookmarks. Gigbit credits can not be sent from one user to another, regardless of platform. This cryptographic token (GBTC) is designed to allow payments through its member ecosystems around the world.

Token Allocation :

  • Initial Token Bid = 250,000,000: 25%.
  • Team and Advisor = 150,000,000: 15%.
  • Ecosystem Incentives = 200,000,000: 20%.
  • Marketing and Bounty = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Liquidity Fund = 50,000,000: 5%.
  • Treasury = 300,000,000: 30%.

Process Usage :

  • Marketing = 34%.
  • Operational Cost = 28%.
  • Platform Development = 25%.
  • R & D = 8%.
  • Business Acquisition = 5%.

Token can be used to :

  • In-app deals to unlock product or service.
  • Subscribed users.
  • Community awards.
  • Advertisement.
  • Royalty payments and freelancer surveys.
  • Token will also work to align the playing field and set up checkpoints for services to be provided.
The GigTricks have a roadmap as shown below:

The GigTricks Social platform aims to allow the users to earn GigBit tokens by simply publishing and/or viewing social content. The GigBit tokens can be used as a means of payment for additional skill tests in GigTricks Pro or to access premium services like GigTricks Learning which will seek to enable the user to learn additional skills.

The users will be able to view both the freelancers’ overall profile rating, their specific skill ratings and reviews and this decreases the communication time between the clients and freelancers by over 90% percent. Although, if any dispute arises, gigtricks has already implemented an incentivized voting system which increases trust and engagemant.

The world wide or global markets are expanding, and business throughout the world are now able to build grow and scale their business in a much faster way!!!




Token Sale:




My BTT:;u=1662124

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