ICO as a breakthrough technology

Everything written here is purely my personal opinion and in any case is not the ultimate truth. By the way English is not my native language and sorry If I made some mistakes there.

A lot of articles written, copies broken about what is actually ICO ? Why we see so much deception and fraud in the ICO market? All ICO is a Scam? And why that is happening? I would like to clarify a few points : in General, ICO is a breakthrough achievement of the crypto industry. At the moment one of the key. It would seem crypto industry was a huge amount of breakthrough moments, such as: digital currency(Bitcoin) without state control, which was able to gain huge popularity among the masses and capitalization to exceed some countries, smart contracts, multi cryptocurrency wallet, with these wallets you could transfer money to anyone in the world without the constraints, mining, which allowed tens of thousands of people to monetize the production capacity of his computer, which did not exist before. Because no matter what you did on your PC: process photos, design, programming, etc., You still had to make an effort to make a profit. Now you only need to set up your computer to mining a certain coin and all profits gradually comes to your account. Well actually it's not easy as I wrote but yes in general idea the same.
All this still did not cause such popularity and HYIP in the masses as the ICO . Because not everyone who is just getting acquainted with the crypto industry has tried mining or wrote smart contrasts, but almost everyone has invested in ICO or knows about it.

Of course everything can be blamed on the selfish component ( and this really is partly true) and "x" promised by the ICO's organizers. A year ago, you could get x2, x3, x10 with your eyes closed, not choosing the ICO itself, now everything has been changed, all due to the fact that people's consciousness and understanding are growing, that projects need with a good quality.

But still it can not fully explain the excitement that accompanies the ICO throughout its length. Now we approach the most important, namely the reason why I can call ICO a breakthrough technology.
ICO is raising funds now, at the moment, but for the future(!) project. In fact, now a startup does not need to work for years, try to make a profit, find an investor, give him a part( usually a large) of the company, and sometimes almost the entire company in exchange for investing to the project. In fact, after attracting an investor, the founders become only "operators" of the project, because they actually deprive of control over the company. Then another couple of years you need to wait to enter the IPO market and sell your shares to other investors. As a result, the founders remain with a share of 10-20% of their project. And, in fact, play the role of a mercenary Director. According to statistics, every year the business does not receive loans for 2 trillion dollars! Despite the fact that the accounts( including offshore) of individuals accumulated 19 trillion dollars(!). The colossal figure on the one hand, famine pursues those who want to start their own business, and on the other, those who have money can not put them anywhere, because there are no worthwhile projects. They do not exist because of the monopolization of the economy. For example Google is 85% of the world market of Internet search , Microsoft controls 80% of home software, and Amazon is almost 90% of the American market of Internet purchases. What kind of competition we are talking about?(!) In fact, money is concentrated in a narrow group of individuals - the largest banks and corporations. They do not tolerate competition, and even if they do not stifle the startup money hunger, they can always buy it cheaply. That's what they do. As a result, a huge number of startups were actually bought by mega corporations with the money of banks and are now working to increase the fantastic profits of these corporations - for example, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft bought a lot of startup's. In fact, having a monopoly on the printing of money - Central banks make banks the main force in the economy because they control cash flows and if at some point you become too independent, the famine will overtake you. Created as a circulatory system of the economy - banking, now it does not fulfill its function by calculating only 10-15% of the banking portfolio - loans to companies and the real sector, and the remaining 80-85% is a game on bonds, stocks, interbank market, derivatives, insurance and other financial products with a lot of profit for banks. They don't need companies actually and maybe even don't need economy in general while they have so much profit.
Getting to the startup's hands such a powerful weapon as private money (ICO) - the company received an excellent tool to "bypass" the Bank lock. Now it is not necessary to wait for years, to endure "money hunger", to give part of the company to large investors or banks. You can immediately raise money-for your idea! Immediately-this is the key. In fact, the idea can only be on paper(whitepaper!), but still you can get the money, in fact without any collateral. Of course these could not but take advantage of not very clean at the hands of the crooks. A huge number of scams flooded the market.

Under the power of profit, everyone wanted to get their own. A great idea, almost drowned in the sea of the bench, but since now there is virtually no place for small companies to disappear, they again and again storm the ICO market. As a shipwrecked man tries to quench his thirst with sea water and eventually dies, so companies are trying to keep the ICO on the market until the end, because in the "real world" they don't have any chances. They are well aware that 1% of the richest controls 99% of all wealth. Neither of which justice can not be and speech. Therefore, despite the huge number of Scam ICO market in monetary terms is only growing!! Year by year, despite the drop in profits of investors. If in 2016 the ICO managed to attract $ 450 million, slightly less than the venture financing-600mln, in 2017 the ICO has already raised $ 4.5 billion in 10(!) times more than the venture financing that has existed for 40 years. In 2018, only for 4 months, about $ 6 billion was raised and the amount is only growing.

All this is happening not because people like to Scam and lose their money, but also because no one has an exit. The venture capital market is 600 million dollars a year. This is a penny for a world whose population is approaching 8 billion, So if the Central banks, the government and the billionaire over the past 20 years have created a system in which the rich become richer, and the poor are poorer, then there is no other choice but to create their own parallel system, including monetary, in which the chance will not only be Therefore, we will eagerly to drink even sea water, knowing that enough of it will never be able to.

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