Data storage and protection is an important aspect of every organizational goal. It will be a waste of time and resource if data kept are not preserved for future use. Most firm conduct survey quarterly or annually to know the demand of their customers as to be able to improve the quality of their product and services rendered to them. However this process has become too expensive or not reliable as result of the fact that data collection industries/companies are not sincere. It is perhaps pathetic that data storage and handling has suffered a lot of setback recently, this is the core aim of Memority project.

Now talking about this awesome project MEMORITY that has evolved to liberate and provide authentic cloud storage of valuable data. Memority is a platform established on Blockchain, the Team carefully studied the existed problems associated with large data storage and came up with an unbeatable platforms that will enhance Long-term safe storage of your data without unpermitted viewing, unauthorized deletion and modification.

In order for Memority to achieve secure data storage, the files are automatically encrypted when they are loaded into the system by use of a private key which is kept by the owner alone. The data stored in the system can only be achieved by the use of these private key

The platform founded by Memority comprises of an assembly of repositories from various places in the world, which on the basis of computers of customers who have provided part of their memory for data storage. In order to achieve a high profile data protection, 10 duplicated are made for every one of the files stored. Just in case these duplicates are compromised, new duplicates of the original file are automatically generated for the new hosts

Memority’s platform is designed with unique hash identifiers of the data which is stored in a blockchain database which makes it unmanageable to delete the files or to forge them. Memority also offers an incenting techniques which targets to connect as many regular computer users in the structure to make the most of the number of independent repositories.

Data storage, the process of file monitoring and subsequent data encryption and validation for authenticity are fully decentralized and there is completely no dependence on any centralized system.

The Memority platform has its own token called MMR, but users will only be able to purchase the Ethereum based Token called EMT durinv the public sale. It will also be used as a reward system for miners on the platform. Once the platform launches, holders of EMT will be able to exchange it for MMR at a 1:1 ratio.

Another advantage the Memority has over other platforms asides from its excellent vision, is its product. As at April, the team launched the Alpha version of the Memority storage platform. The team members are very hardworking and they strive to keep up with the roadmap while producing excellent results.
The company’s platform intended to roll out its tokens sale starting-date May 31, 2018. The ICO will be active for a period of one month. The company plans to end its token sale on June 30 2018 or if its target funding is achieved. The soft cap target is $ 5,000,000 USD while the hard cap target is $ 85,500,000 USD. Memority’s platform is based on ethereum tokens and individuals are required to use ethereum to buy the Memority’s tokens. The initial cost of the ICO token is set to be 0.1 USD. For more information please check:


Crowdsale terms
20% bonus Pre-ICO: May 16th — May 30th
15% bonus ICO: May 31th — June 30th
10% bonus ICO: July 1th — July 31th
5% bonus ICO: August 1th — August 31th
Token price: 0.1 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 85,500,000 USD

The Partners within the project is a must. there are benefits are gained by both of. of course, helping grow the value of the project and also become one of the ways to show the seriousness to broadcast the project to all people worldwide. here the list reliable partners of MEMORITY . they welcome and appreciate the extraordinary idea behind the MEMORITY . they are HOTCOIN, TACHCARD, ICOLADDER and many more (there aren’t any means concerning mentioning the order partners).

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