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You know what I've always missed at school and University? Motivations. Yes, of course, it has long been known that the social environment of the student is extremely important to assess the perception of the education. In other words, the poor will learn much more readily, as their motivation will be higher than that of children from rich and wealthy families.
Why? Well, first, there is the order of education or transfer of installation from parents: If you want to live better, it is necessary to study perfectly well. Secondly, people who are less well-off desire for change is much higher initially. Why should a rich child change something, if he knows - sooner or later I will follow in the footsteps of my father or mother and be "the chief over all the chiefs".
Unfortunately, it still works that way. Another thing is the lack of equal opportunities in education, among others. If money opens the doors of the most prestigious educational institutions around the world, then knowledge and desire - not always.

The LIKER platform was created to overcome the established order of things. This platform is designed to equalize the concept of education for every person on this planet. To be rewarded for merit and diligence, and not for what has already been given initially.

LIKER is an educational platform on the blockchain that accumulates a lot of educational content. LIKER is a kind of place for grants, donations, investments in the future of labor resources of their companies and humanity as a whole.

Problem and solution

It is no secret that the education system today as a whole requires a total reform. Large educational institutions are able to attract the best minds from all over the world as teachers, but who is studying there? The average cost of education in such institutions is really off scale.

But talents and genius minds are born all over the world. Including among the countries of the"third world". Does everyone today have equal access to education? Definitely not.

As a result, there is a need to reform the system of knowledge, which is obtained by both technical and humanitarian future specialists. They are in dire need of a constantly updated database, and is not the blockchain best suited for this?

LIKER gives equal opportunity to education to each and every person. By stimulating success in the formation of the platform tokens, which can later be used to pay for training, LIKER solves the primary problem - the availability of education for all.

LIKER uses modern blockchain technologies to accumulate huge databases of educational content. Given the power of modern technology, you can be 100 percent sure - all the information on the platform will always be relevant and in demand. Here we come to the aid of the rating system and classification.

LIKER uses modern blockchain technologies to accumulate huge databases of educational content. Given the power of modern technology, you can be 100 percent sure - all the data stored on this platform will be relevant and in demand by all users. Rating and classification systems help in this very well.

Key platform features

The platform encourages those who receive education through awards. These awards are expressed in the project tokens, which pass to the student when he achieves certain goals.

LIKER is a decentralized platform that brings together all the people on the planet who want to get an education, as well as those who can provide it.


  • Incentive to learn new things
  • Everyone has the right to education
  • Affordable education for everyone, regardless of where they live.
  • Fair system of education
  • Equal opportunities for all people
  • All rewards are carried out through the blockchain.

LIKER will be an ideal investment for grants and educational programs that are funded by governments around the world.LIKER uses all the funds for their intended purpose, as all transactions are tracked using the blockchain. Recording student progress is a very important advantage of the platform. Recruitment agencies and the company can easily and confidently rely on these data to find new employees.

In short, LIKER is a unique educational platform with many social functions. Definitely, the world needs such projects and when they are associated with blockchain it becomes even more pleasant.


LK is the main token of the LIKER platform .10 billion LK will be released in total, but only half of this amount will be put into circulation.
Soft Cap - 5000 ETH
HardCap - 50000 ETH
1 ETH = 7,000 LK
Pre Sale - 20.11.2018 - 19.12.2018 ( Benefit - 20% )
Main-sale - Start 20.12.2018 ( Benefit - 10% )
Min. deposit - 0.015 ETH

LIKER provides funds for education grants. The project immediately plans not only to describe the goals on paper, but to act. And this is very correct.

The LIKER platform is primarily a social project, not a commercial one, and this should be understood. I like when blockchain is used and implemented to improve the life of mankind. This causes pleasant feelings and acceptance by the world that blockchain is not only cryptocurrencies, but a really necessary technology that improves the world.

The uniqueness of the text-100%



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