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The modern Internet space is filled with all sorts of tricks to deceive people. Cunning methods are used to steal bank card numbers, resale personal information to third parties and other fraudulent activities. But despite the large scale of this problem, there is still no effective way to counteract this. Against the backdrop of an urgent situation, a project appeared that declared its solution to this situation.

What is this project

This project is called MyShield. MyShield is a decentralized, distributed platform. It is built on blockade technology and enjoys all its positive aspects. An efficiently developed mechanism for distributing the load to all nodes makes it possible to achieve considerable success in the application of machine learning tools. The latter is used to ensure that fraudulent sites are downloaded to the system, on the basis of which the network will be trained to determine their own. This step will hit hard on cyber fraud. The platform will analyze many sites, analyzing them for a number of factors. But this is just one of the tools.

The next is the human factor. The creators of the project came to a decision to develop a reward system to stimulate the activity of users in the search for fraudulent activities. When a user reports a violation, his message is checked and if it is confirmed, a certain amount of money is received on his account. This is the reason for the appearance of a new type of earnings, which is based on the search for criminal schemes and their disclosure to the system. This is extremely effective and wise to the decision of the developers, because it creates a strong mechanism in its entirety to protect the security of users.

The software will be implemented in two forms: special plug-ins for browsers and applications on the smartphone. The approach to the most effective writing of the program code was chosen, with a multistage error checking.

Despite the good guidelines and project proposals, for its viability, it must also develop an effective domestic economy. To do this, the MyShield Tokens token was developed. In total, they will be released in the amount of one billion. 60% of them will be available for purchase as part of the ICO. Tokens in the project can be used in the following ways:

  • Bounties. It serves as an incentive for activating users in search of fraudulent traps. Remuneration can be created both by the users of MyShield, and by large companies.
  • Reporting. When a user reports fraudulent activities, a certain amount of money is taken from his account. In the event that during the audit the report data is confirmed, the funds are returned back to the user's account.
  • Vip subscription. They provide an opportunity to receive the latest news about the facts of deception and to earn on an independent search for them on the Internet.
  • Programs guarantors. Their goal is to ensure the return of funds to users' accounts for their transactions.

Project advantages

To obvious advantages, it can be attributed to the fact that this project is aimed at modern means to solve complex issues. If we take the software component, the technology of blocking together with the algorithms of machine learning creates an effective working mechanism. But the project activity is not limited to software. It is the stimulation of users to jointly fight fraud that creates the body in which this site is formed. In addition, it should be taken into account that the project works though already existing niche, but it has no serious analogues. This means that the project can freely develop for a long time, not paying serious attention to its competitors. In financial terms, this promises great benefits, which investors of any level should understand.


The MyShield project proved to be an innovator in the problem area of ​​the Internet. According to statistical data, every year crypto-exchanges lose about 1.5 million US dollars. This is a colossal figure, because it is someone else's money falling into the hands of criminals. And this is just one example. Nobody has before taken up the fight against fraudulent schemes on a global scale. Therefore, the nature of the project's actions becomes even more understandable and logical. And he has every chance of a bright future.

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