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In the modern world, medicine occupies a very important place, but in the healthcare system there are still major unsolved problems. That's why the Doctor Smart platform was created. This site is based on the second generation blockchain system. The project will support health care, using an online site with affordable services and the possibility of a web-based appointment with a doctor. The appearance in the market of such a product on the market will radically change the entire sphere of medical care. Doctor Smart will link into one whole ecosystem: medical institutions, insurance organizations, wellness services centers, various mobile application developers and AI. All processes within the platform will be completely transparent, which will increase the confidence of customers.

The creators of Doctor Smart pursued several key goals:

  1. Eradication of differences in the price for the services of a doctor, which arise because of the difference in geographical location. Thus, the price of services will be reduced, and the help will become accessible and convenient.
  2. Creation of conditions under which doctors will receive support from artificial intelligence. Using the AI service, the time spent on those things that AI could perform was reduced. Thanks to this, the quality and speed of service will be significantly increased.
  3. Reduce costs, by reducing some of the duties of a doctor, using the AI service.
    The Doctor Smart project pursues several key goals:
  • 24-hour and not depending on the place, consultations from the necessary on the profile of the doctor;
  • affordable and low price of the initial consultation for any of the category of people in need;
  • it is necessary to solve the question, which concerns expenses. That is, the cost should be open to both parties;
  • it is necessary to give patients the opportunity to control their medical data;
  • Regardless of how the first reception was conducted, the consultation, their effectiveness should be maximum in both cases;
  • provide full access to the general information about the doctor's qualifications.
    Who will benefit from the project:
  • Patients;
  • doctors;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Medical clinics;
  • government agencies.
    Advantages for patients.
  • speed of communication with the doctor;
  • Affordable pricing policy;
  • The platform is available all over the world and covers all areas of medical activity;
  • a very large base of qualified doctors;
  • uniqueness of the platform due to its technologies.
    Advantages for doctors.
  • income growth, due to the distribution of the load associated with the flow of the patient;
  • the opportunity to regulate your work day in person. Flexible schedule;
  • the opportunity to give advice here and now, for this it is not necessary to go to the clinic;
  • program to support medical decisions;
  • partner products integrated on the site.
    How the platform works.

    The platform offers round-the-clock consultations on health issues related to health for people around the world. The initial cost of the consultation is available to everyone, regardless of their contingent. The platform is designed to develop an ecosystem where the cost of services is transparent to all. Patients who seek health advice can at any time gain access to their full history of illness, stored in a blockchain, and view their complete medical history. The platform constantly improves the quality of consulting services, and patients can check the qualification and certification of their specialist in the Doctor Smart network.
    ICO. Basic conditions.
    The main goal of the ICO is to attract as many doctors and medical services as possible to the project in order to create favorable and affordable conditions for patients from underdeveloped countries.
    Token: DSTT;
    Platform: Ethereum;
    Type: ERC20;
    Number of released tokens: 28,500,000 DSTT
    The main sale: start 16.05.18 ending on 30.07.18;
    Price: 1,000 DSTT = 1 ETH;
    Possible attachments: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH, ZEC.
    Max fee: 50 million USD;
    Min fee: 5 million USD.

➥Telegram: https://t.me/DoctorSmart_ICO
➥Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoctorSmartEng
➥Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorSmartEng/
➥WebSite: https://doctorsmart.io
➥BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3799820.msg37250283#msg37250283
➥Medium: https://medium.com/doctorsmart

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