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Doctor Smart is a decentralized platform that allows you to deliver medical care to a person, regardless of their geographic location. The platform is based on a blockchain, which makes any money transactions in the system - safe and transparent. This helps to avoid corruption and create a fundamentally new health care system.

The Doctor Smart platform allows creating an ecosystem that covers all areas of medical services. The project allows to unite in one system: doctors, patients, suppliers of medicines, and also owners of private clinics.
Thanks to the special intrasystem coin DSTT, platform users will be able to get round the clock access to health services. Thus, a number of problems inherent in modern medicine will be solved. At the same time, Doctor Smart is unique not only in the use of the blockchain, but also in the introduction of artificial intelligence, which allows to optimize the work of doctors and increase daily traffic.
Doctor Smart is able to combine hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, health centers, insurance medical companies, manufacturers of fitness applications and wearable medical devices. The uniqueness and multifunctionality of the platform will make it possible to quickly distribute the DSTT coin. In this unified system, all medical directions can coexist, with a user-friendly transition from one to another.
**What benefit will patients receive? **
The system built by Doctor Smart programmers will allow users to instantly communicate with the necessary specialist. The platform enables you to quickly contact professionals from all over the world. Thanks to the system without intermediaries, prices for medical services and goods will be reduced. Doctor Smart has a huge database of specialists in all directions.
**Benefit from such changes will not only patients, but also doctors. **
In the first place, this is a free and very convenient schedule. Part of the work related to counseling can be done from home. Under such conditions, graduates will be able to increase their income from medical practice. Also on the platform will be conveniently placed all the partner products.
The government of the state in which this platform will be used will also benefit. Thanks to Doctor Smart, a lot of attractive jobs will open in the world.

To implement any major project, you need sponsorship. Now the Doctor Smart team collects funds, using the primary offer of tokens - ICO. The project is also widely covered in various media, which is necessary to recruit the necessary number of specialists. For internal transactions, a DSTT token will be used, which is built on a second-generation blockchain network and uses the standard ERC-20 type. The price of one such coin is 0.001 ETH. You can buy a token using a number of the world's largest tokens. In total, 28.5 million tokens will be released, which will be distributed between the trading platform, developers, bonus tokens and investments for the finalization of the project. The main sales of DSTT will take place from May 16 to July 30, 2018. The minimum scheduled fees will be 5 million dollars, and the maximum after which the auction will be closed is 50 million dollars.
The team of Doctor Smart, consists of graduated, licensed high-class specialists. All of them already had experience working in large companies. Part of the team are doctors of sciences, and academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which gives a guarantee that they know exactly what they are doing.
Taking into account all the advantages of this project: transaction security, the latest doctor support systems, a convenient price for the user and a large salary for the doctor, etc. Doctor Smart is the project in which it is worth investing, because the problem that this platform will solve is an acoustic one, which means that the project will receive its audience in the shortest possible time.
Summing up, it is important to note that the project is very promising, lead such a platform is necessary for the whole world. Millions of people around the world need such a project, because healthcare is an important part of society and this project will help humanity on its way to health.

➥Telegram: https://t.me/DoctorSmart_ICO
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➥WebSite: https://doctorsmart.io
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➥Medium: https://medium.com/doctorsmart

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