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 About Vinchain

VinChain is a blockchain database that records all the information related to the vehicle. For each vehicle, the information accumulates during the entire period of use. This story is transparent and easily accessible to everyone. To protect the accuracy of information, distributed storage technology is used. Guarantees absolute reliability and data security. Every day hundreds of thousands of used cars are sold in the world, and each buyer wants to obtain reliable information about the technical conditions of the car. This is a major security, financial and security problem.

The mission of the Vinchain team
Change the global used car market by making it honest, transparent,
Reliably and with equal access to information for each participant: 

  1. Create blocks with different levels of access and protection of information. The level of data security must be in accordance with the needs of government agencies.
  2. Unite participants in the automotive industry, such as manufacturers, insurance companies, distributors, workshops, developers of navigation systems, in a unique ecosystem for the need for data exchange.
  3. Create the infrastructure and provide direct access to the database for each market participant.

How does it work?

When requested, the information corresponding to
The requested VIN number will be searched and selected in the block.
Each record will have information about the data provider, the date, the VIN and the use of the car.

The solution offered by VinChain

For each car we will issue a blockchain passport, which will be stored in a distributed list. The VinChain project will unite all data providers and create a continuous history of the car, without missing a centralized database. Market participants, such as car manufacturers, car dealers, insurance companies, banks and leasing companies, require a history of exploitation and need transparency, affordability, reliability and authenticity. Buyers who currently choose a car can also request our report immediately.



When we receive a blockchain request, we search the data throughout the chain and we create and transmit the information in a structured form. The fee for the information is received by the member of the register whose information has been used. Both sellers and second-hand buyers will benefit from removing asymmetric information from the used car market.

When the buyer knows all the information that exists about a particular vehicle, this will create confidence in the process and prepare to pay more. For sellers, publishing the entire vehicle history increases the value of the car at the time of sale. If the buyer knows the vehicle's operating history in full, he has the assurance that the vehicle is maintaining a certain level of value. The same can not be said about vehicles without reports.

 Distribution of funds collected during pre-ICO  


 Token distribution

 ICO will be held from March, 22d through April, 15th, 2018. Payment methods available for the VinChain tokens:
· Bitcoin (BTC)
· Ethereum (ETH)
· Riple (XRP)
· Litecoin (LTC)
· Waves (WAVES)
Available for placement: 600,000,000 tokens.
The tokens will be distributed between the buyers within 72 hours of the ICO
Hard cap
Maximum investment amount: $34,500,000. 


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