All You Need To Know About Bloomzed Technology


By definition, Bloomzed is a bleeding edge software course of action that has an open Programming interface and includes innumerable frustrates that are facilitated into a unified structure. The Bloomzed unified system is expected to give a straightforward relationship of any imaginative course of action, to supervise both individual pieces and the whole structure. The system is gathered, with the objective that individual settings, devastating, invigorating, modifying, expanding limits and different options are available to us. Without stopping and backing off the system all in all. Bloomzed has moment headways for the full assignment of an application and also the ones that are being made right at this point. There are 6 of them inside and out. Each stage will handle certain assignments which are given by the fashioners.

Bloomzed Mobile Wallet
Every possible undertaking related to portion will be made on this stage. The availability of a couple of records in one app is envisioned. With the help of this stage, every customer will have the ability to trade singular money, pay for merchandise and ventures at online-and separated shops, share in dedication programs, and in like manner pay transport tolls.

Bloomzed Cloud Trade Module
A cloud trade module with the help of which the last cloud portion approval is finished. It fills in as a different part or as a bit of the UCPS segment.

Bloomzed E-Money
This stage is basic for performing electronic portions. Its encapsulation is to ensure the path toward trading electronic money. For the ordinary customer, it is an opportunity to pay for items and endeavors, for business operators it is the ability to get electronic portions (online and detached).

Bloomzed Gift

This stage is a gift from paradise for marketers. You can make different certificates on its introduce, and you can send them by methods for SMS or using the Bloomzed application itself. Right when a client gets such a certificate, he/she doesn't need to print it. It will be adequate for the customer of this application to give his/her electronic variation to get refunds or to exchange it for a thing/advantage. For this circumstance, this open entryway will be given each moment of consistently, both online and detached.

Bloomzed Retail

Electronic money and by a card, through NFC and QR codes. And buyers will lessen the time spent on the cash work territory.

Bloomzed Web business

This stage is ideal for web business operators. You can recognize portions and manage an online store on its start. This stage works impeccably on any mobile contraption, which will allow customers from wherever all through the world to use it. Moment and arranged to-use progresses.

Bloomzed Mobile Portion Module

This is a mobile portion module that supports NFC trades with digital outpourings, would interface be able to with a POS machine when paying and WMS/UCPS, which empowers you to Regulate cards. The module can be fused into any present application that runs under Android.

Bloomed Comprehensive Cloud Portion System

This game plan is a cloud comprehensive portion system that gives dynamic organization and limit of customer accounts offers assistance of the card's history and fortunate substitution of keys on mobile gadgets. The technology collaborates with the underwriter's information system, CTM and WMS, and is impenetrable to the hacking of WMS.

Bloomzed Wallet Organization Structure

This is the wallets organization structure that gives participation of information systems of customers and providers. It licenses to keep up a database of customers, their organizations and devices, and gives authentication of customers and their mobile gadgets. Wallet - the provider supports created by WMS, regulating data by methods for mobile applications and WEB interface.

Bloomzed Mobile Wallet
A software arranges that changes a buyer's phone into a unified wallet. The game plan licenses to make trades and portions (tallying trades for NFC and QR code), regulate singular resources, make purchases in detached and online stores using a mobile phone, share in dedication programs, pay for transport, supervise telecommunications organizations, and so forward.

Bloomzed Cloud Trade Module
This is a cloud trade module that gives the last authentication of cloud Portions. It can fill in as a different part or as a component of UCPS.


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