Informative And Enlightening Details About Beluga Pay


Beluga Pay is a platform that was developed to provide a decentralized point of sale system for both cryptocurrencies and fiat. This particular platform allows merchant to trade effectively from different parts of the world. The people who have joined can trade conveniently even using mobile devices provided they have internet connection. Members and merchants get to buy Belugapay Pro where they get to enjoy analytic tools which are advanced.

Personally I think that Beluga Pay is an ideal way to make money through trading with cryptocurrency. The fact that this particular platform has been growing significantly shows that a lot of people are benefiting from the services that it provides. The reputation of the platform has been growing steadily and this shows that more people trust the services provided by the platform. I have also observed that the company has a very helpful support team that is always ready to answer any question.

Some of the innovations that make this particular system stand out includes that its tools are easy to use. This means that one does not necessary have to be an expert so as to trade. The company also has a rich mobile application that accepts debit cards, credit cards and crypto especially from the small merchants. The company also has a tablet application that is used in different ways including helping the users be able to manage the servers in a simple manner.

Beluga Pay has a token sale where the symbol of the token is Beluga Banking Infrastructure (BBI). The fixed supply of the token is one hundred million BBI tokens and the platform is ERC 20. This gives more merchant an opportunity to trade the way they want. Traders can use their tokens to get loyalty points where people with ten thousand tokens will be able to earn one and a half points. The tokens that will not be sold from the ICO sale will be burned while those that are non ICO are locked in for a period of one ear.


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