Review of Lendroid; A Blockchain powered platform for decentralized lending, margin trading and short selling

Lendroid is a trust-independent, non-rent seeking, open protocol platform that assists in decentralized lending, short selling and margin trading via its Ethereum powered block chain. Launched in October 2017, the platform is specifically designed to solve the existing issues faced by several contemporary, centralized institutions. It aims to solve these issues by creating a shared global lending pool and a symbiotic off-chain infrastructure which is further backed by the incentivized participants categorized as the Relayers and Wranglers. To put it simply, Lendroid helps their lenders in contributing their offers to the lending pools via Relayers, who in turn, match these offers with the relevant traders. Once the traders are matched, they can then leverage their borrowed funds on a margin trade, and as they generate profits from the trade, they can eventually repay their lenders. In addition to working with the margin trade, the relayers are also responsible for managing the loan offers, coming up with a solid interface and handling both the order and offer books. Like relayers, wranglers belong to another group of incentivized actors who are responsible for performing the computationally intensive roles and monitoring the margin accounts.
The company has also rolled out the Lendroid Support Token or the LST which will not merely facilitate the process of trade (while driving utility on its protocol) but will also incentivize participation and aid in the empowerment of governance.My OpinionWhile there are many �lending’ platforms backed by the blockchain technology, not all of them are focused on the decentralizing the stringent and autonomous financial institutions. Unlike these platforms that are nothing more than �high capital investment programs’, Lendroid is particularly focused on decentralizing the process of lending while also allowing short selling and margin trading on the same platform. Considering these benefits, I personally feel that investing in the Lendroid Support Tokens can be a pretty good deal.Innovations suggested by LendroidWhile Lendroid has come up with many new innovations, what makes it stand out is its innovative approach where it enables lending, leveraged market trading and short selling on one individual platform. The lending is decentralized where all terms are defined by the lender and then recorded in the shared lending pool. Margin traders too have an upper hand because unlike other platforms they can deposit multiple collaterals in their preferred ERC20-based tokens. The platform will also be responsible for monitoring the margin accounts, ensuring timely repayments, coming up with an interface and bookkeeping. In addition to this, Lendroid has launched its utility token or LST that incentivizes individual participation on protocols, enables upgrades in codes, parameters in network and supports the relevant assets.Information about the sale of the ICO tokenThe platform launched its support token on October 2017, and its public sale with hard cap will be conducted from 14.2.2018 to 17.2.2018. The ICO is slated to release 6,000,000,000 of its support tokens of which 2,400,000,000 will be up for public sale. The remaining amount will be allocated to the Lendroid Team (20%), early contributors (20%) and partners (20%). The funds raised from the public sale will be then used for developing, integrating and giving shape to the primary goals of the platform.You can find more information about Lendroid and its ICO on .


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