Why You Can Trust FintruX When It Comes To Lending?


The currently popular FintruX network which believes in no-code development can be explained as an online open ecosystem that can effectively connect lenders, borrowers and also many reputed service agencies. This blockchain based company happened to make an impact among the people interested in lending because of the Peer-to-Peer network it provides. Because of this, there will most definitely be easy flowing of cash which startups and small businesses face often. So, this company decided to be an ICO project which can help a lender to get a loan up to 6 figures which is quite impressive. Here it should be mentioned that, besides allowing this kind of ease to the lenders, their dedications and effectual performance gave the lenders more assurance and security. The borrowers and lenders with the help of their tokens which is known as FTX tokens can conduct the transaction in question with each other easily and securely. So, it is very clear that the system doesn’t risk the money that was given as a loan.

What are the positive attributes of the company?

The fact that this company offers the option of not going through banks in order to conduct the loan is also great as it makes the whole process quick and simple. One of the major aim of this company is to make sure that the unsecured loans in their word becomes “highly secure”. Out of all the advantages, the fact that FintruX has a 4-layer system which is there to protect the lenders from any kind of loss is something.

What innovations can be expected from the company?

Even though there is a lot which this company has to offer, here a mention of FintruX innovative 4-layer system needs to be mentioned to further provide a clear idea about this very company. The lenders will get the advantage of having reserved 5% of the tokens for lenders who will fail anyway to meet the terms of the contract made. A type of collateral protection which the network of the company provides is also a part of the 4-layers protection. Here 1 out of 10 bad loan will be protected by holding 10% of each loan. This held-up loan is placed by the company in an insurance pool which covers within the class. So, because of this another layer the average loan loss in case of each defaulted contract will be covered. And lastly, the option to participate on the platform in a role of guarantor in case for their selected loans is also there.

Information about the upcoming ICO token Sale

Well according to the information received it was seen that the overall Hard Cap happens to be 25m USD or 75,000,000 FTX whereas the Soft Cap is 5000 ETH
(in case of Public Pre-Sale). The opening date was public pre-sale is 7th Jan to 21st Jan of 2018. The token price was 1650 FTX for 1 ETH during this pre-sale by Fintrux. The company has set 0.1 ETH as their minimum token price and the maximum transaction amount is set as unlimited. Now for the upcoming IOC token sale the token price is set as 1500 FTX for 1 ETH. The opening date of this sale is from 7th Feb to 28th Feb of 2018.

Besides these, there are far more which FintruX has to offer. To know more about them or to know more about the ICO token sale you can visit their official site https://www.fintrux.com/.

Website: https://www.fintrux.com
Whitepaper: https://www.fintrux.com/home/doc/whitepaper.pdf

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