What is SRCOIN?

SRCOIN is a health monitoring platform that will automatically inform you about the doctor and deliver you the right medicine at home if you are sick. Everything will work on a blockchain platform so all transactions will be transparent and simple. $ 2.2 million is allocated for the fact that this project began its existence. Also, all transactions will be carried out with the help of smart contracts, which will increase the users' trust in the project.

The technology of reading your health data will be integrated into massage chairs, which will allow us to detect diseases in time and treat them. The system will help to track a person's health before his condition begins to deteriorate. On health care, an average of $ 10 billion is spent, so the SRCOIN platform will have tremendous popularity and growth.

The data will be collected only for people survey, and a reliable blocking system will not allow them to be used for other purposes. You will be able to install an application on your smartphone and report your health online. All these data will help the government monitor your health and help you. Massage chairs with tracking your health will constantly expand their sales boundaries.

Blockchain proved very good at working with data encryption. Blockchain excludes the fact of fraud over this for this technology future. Blocks can not be rewritten and hacked. All records in the blocks are stored on a number of computers and therefore it is impossible to crack these blocks.

Our platform will be the safest and most honest in the market of massage chairs and tracking people's health.

So you can hold our project by purchasing our SRCoins tokens that will be sold during the ICO.

Name of the token: SRCoins

Total tokens - 15 billion SRCoins
Will be sold at ICO - 70%.
For the team and founders of 15%
Advisors and investors 10%
1 round preliminary ICO price: 1 ETH = 700,000 SRCoins +, bonus 100,000 bonus SRCoins
2 round ICO: 1 ETH = 700.000 SRCoins + 50.000 bonus SRCoins

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