Outdoor Advertising Interactive Future - Holographic Screens

We all saw roll-boards standing along the road. They look like vertical blinds where each strip is one of the three faces of a tube with a rotating gear. All this is in the body on the pole. Totally, there are three advertisements in one roll-board. Is it many or few?

Everything depends on price in our age of capitalism. It is important for both the manufacturer and the user. Users, i. e. the advertisers, will win if there are thirteen and not three faces. Or thirty-seven. The more ads may be fit, the lower the price of each is with the total revenue increasing. It is clear that it is impossible to implement thirty-seven faces in practice. What to do then? The most obvious answer is: to place a screen instead of a roll-board. This is a good option for the manufacturer. One needs just to download the necessary material and display it instead of frequent replacement roll-board ads.

Today there are screens. But they are few as they are large, heavy, expensive-to-run, and the image quality thereof leaves much to be desired. An interactive film seems the best option here. It will be attached to the billboard base and have all the functions of a usual screen but substantially lighter, thinner and better.

Interactivity is not important for the billboard. However, it can be used in ground stelas. For example, to advertise a new movie demonstrating its trailer. In such a case, a passer-by will have the opportunity to click on the appropriate buttons on the screen and buy a ticket to any cinema convenient to him/her. Or he/she may find the information on the nearest stores and the availability of the necessary goods there in the clothes advertisements.

No interactive films for advertising purposes are currently produced. Perhaps a Russian company will start the development of such films. Then the Russian advertising market will make a huge step forward and become an example for other countries' markets.

3D Metamorphosis aims to manufacture such products for outdoor advertising. The development of new technology is complicated. It is labour- and time-consuming and, which is most important, it is very expensive. A modern way of attracting investments is required to create modern technologies. The crypto-currency and the possibility of ICO are the new tools to solve this issue. ICO is an IPO analogue for the world market. To achieve its goal, 3D Metamorphosis actively cooperates with a number of competent partners, prepares media content and works out its further strategy. According to the company: the future is near.


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