Where are the ICO companies market headed - Blockchain in the real sector of the economy

At the moment, 95 % of the projects holding ICO (ITO) are IT projects, systems, exchanges, and currencies. There are very few projects that actually produce physical values for a real person.

Legislation on and regulation of crypto-currencies is getting more strict around the world. The stock exchanges are closed. Companies' ICOs are prohibited due to the multiple fake projects and the fact that people disappear after collecting money.

I think that putting the crypto-assets market in order is the right decision. After the first wave of fundraising, it is necessary to remove unfair companies from the market.

The next stage of the ICO wave will be the departure of small and large players from the real sector of the economy. Companies that actually produce a physical asset and can link it to a token. Plants producing electricity, gold, silver, oil, gas, and any other assets.

The current volume of the crypto-currency market does not exceed 1% in the total economy. It is too small to pose a threat to the governments and the banking system of the states. However, still there is a flow of capital from the fiat currency to crypto-currencies. Major players have not yet entered the market, so the crypto-currency sector yields high returns but it is highly volatile at the same time.

The private production sector has great potential. Production companies can raise funds to expand their own production and increase output. Create new high-tech gadgets and products.

That is why now, when analyzing ICO projects, I pay more attention to what the company is creating! And how long it exists in the market.

In the future, companies (corporations) similar to today's joint stock companies will be created, where a pool of real companies linked under one economic and legal component will be collected.


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