Cryptocurrency for creators of openly licensed content-LIKECOIN

LikeCoin is a digital currency for freelancers (IT professionals, photographers, artists, designers, journalists, etc.), which simplifies the monetization of their work.

Authors of the content publish their work in the ecosystem of LikeCoin, and users can evaluate them by clicking "Like" button or paying a certain amount of LikeCoin directly from their wallet. 

About Likecoin and how it will work?

Elements in the LikeCoin Ecosystem: The collaborated content ecosystem involves various elements and stakeholders.
So here’s an example:

  • Alice takes A.jpg and upload to;
  • Bob writes B.txt on;
  • Carol adopts their work to become C.doc on;
  • David shares A.jpg on

Benefits of Using LikeCoin:

  • LikeCoin offers some features that will make this platform very attractive for creative workers. Firstly, the like button in Likecoin is different with similar functions in the other social media. The function is same, which is to show appreciations for the creators, but it comes with bigger advantages.
  • When a user sees a content they really like, they can tap the like button up to five times in one post. The likes gathered from the users’ appreciation will be used by content creators to mine LikeCoins from the Creators Pool. Beside tapping the Like button, users also can click Super Like. When users tap the Super Like button, they basically "pay" the content creators with tokens from their wallet.
  • It also comes with a system called Proof of Creativity which is used to measure how "creative" a content creator is. Higher Proof of Creativity can be achieved in two ways. Firstly, by measuring the LikeRank of the content and secondly by measuring the amount of Likes a content receives.

Token sales & distribution:

The total number of LikeCoin token is capped at 2bln and is divided into 4 pools: token sale (600 mln), ecosystem development (200 mln), team (200 mln) and creators (1 bln).

Total Tokens = 2,000,000,000

Initial Token Price = $0.0100

Have Prototype?

Funds in Escrow?

Accepted Currencies = ETH.

LikeCoin is a token of the platform based on Ethereum.
The total number of LikeCoin is 2 billion, which is divided into 4 pools:
- Sale (600 million)
- Ecosystem development (200 million)
- Team (200 million)
- Creators (1 billion).

Creative team:

LikeCoin helps you to earn passive income via social media. The LikeCoin project will revolutionize social media use such that by simply posting up content that social media friends and acquaintances like, you get to earn a living.

The roadmap of Likecoin:

To get more information about Likecoin, please visit:

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