Leap With Alice strives to disrupt modern day education by eliminating the barriers that have persisted for decades. Every student will have personalized resources, actualizing their true potential and lighting the spark that ignites a monumental shift in learning. Leap With Alice promotes a society in which teachers are properly compensated for the monumental role they play in our future. While initiatives such as “No Child Left Behind” have commendable intentions, Leap With Alice provides educators and students the tools to achieve those visions on a global scale, with far greater efficiency, and at no cost. Leap With Alice will become the tool that educators use to discover every student’s educational superpower.

Augmented Reality (AR) provides a level of depth and interaction that has not been fully utilized in the classroom. The ability to transform the classroom into an immersive learning environment not only boosts the engagement of students, but allows the educator to use aides that had once been unimaginable. Partnering with the University of Central Florida (UCF), our studies have shown increased engagement in 90% of the students observed while using the Leap With Alice AR software. Further, 71% of teachers in the United States have voted to have an Education Technologies Department available to create content that will engage their students. Cultivating Unique Abilities Investing in modern technology to create Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) for students experiencing common struggles, like dyslexia, has shown to increase overall engagement and subject matter understanding. The AliceSuite provides a variety of tools for teachers to create lesson plans which reflect a multi-sensory/ multimodal approach towards digesting information and retaining knowledge. Educators will have the power to identify what method of learning best suits their students and implement IEPs; propelling students towards their maximum potential. Incentivizing Education A distinguishing force that separates Leap With Alice from its peers is the ability to algorithmically reward quality contributions. Not only will content creators buy and sell lesson plans via the Alice Exchange, educators will have the ability to earn additional ALICE tokens by playing a valuable role in the Leap With Alice community. Drawing from an incentive pool, ALICE tokens are distributed to users who help curate content, as well as create it. Authenticating Quality Leveraging the capabilities of Machine Learning, all submitted content will be analyzed before reaching the Alice Exchange. Further, Leap With Alice is establishing an Educational Board with leaders specializing in the fields of Integrated STEM, Transdisciplinary STEM, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy. An Educational Board will serve as the final voice in curating content within the Alice Exchange by upholding standards. Protecting Teachers and Students Distributed ledgers, the core concept behind blockchain technology, allow networks to secure data on an impenetrable level. Leap With Alice establishes a secure ecosystem that allows every user’s content, personal data, and funds to be safely stored using Identity-Aware Proxy and multi-factor authentication. Systems are monitored with a sophisticated User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) software that monitors user and process behavior on the endpoint.

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