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The information world is changing very quickly. Only over the past few years, modern Blockchain technology has transformed most areas of human life. With the advent of this cryptographic technology, the financial world has completely turned upside down. All transactions conducted on the Internet have become much faster and safer. This has led to many different applications related to Blockchain technologies. At the moment, there are many platforms that work to increase the speed of payments and transactions. In order to further implement Blockchain technology in the financial sphere of human life, the TraXion platform was created. This platform was conceived as a global ecosystem aimed at increasing the impact of Blockchain technology in the financial sphere of society. Today, together with you, we will consider in detail the principle and purpose of the TraXion platform.

What is the TraXion platform
TraXion is a modern solution for various transactions between users. This platform is based on modern cryptographic Blockchain technology. The project developers say that the TraXion platform will be aimed at improving the security and speed of transactions. Any user will be able to use the platform without worrying about the safety of their finances. Blockchain technology, on which the TraXion platform is based, provides system scalability and secure transaction processing. In addition, it improves the security of stored user data. The main objective of the project is to increase trust between the two parties to the transaction.

The main objective of the project
The developers of the platform have set themselves quite an ambitious goal, which is to create a global scalable platform to improve the efficiency of the entire banking system. This platform will be entirely to work on a cryptographic Blockchain technology. The project developers will implement not only the functions of the banking system, it should be a scalable and developing platform that is aimed at the development of any financial human activity. Each user will be able to bring something of their own to the overall system of the platform. This will allow the system to constantly evolve and expand.

Problems that TraXion solves
Thanks to the improvement of modern cryptographic Blockchain technology, this platform is able to solve several important problems of the world banking system. Let's take a closer look at each of these issues.
The first and the most important problem is the speed of transactions. This platform several times increases the passage of any transaction, regardless of their size and location. It is very important that the platform is absolutely everything exactly where the sender or recipient is. For any point of the world, transactions will be carried out equally quickly, this allows the system to bring any payments to a new level.
The next problem is the fees. TraXion will reduce the total cost of fees. This is especially true of international translations. Since international transfers, in addition to the usual Commission, also take the currency exchange fee, the Commission is increased by several percent. The TraXion platform completely removes these fees.
With the TraXion platform, you will be able to fully track the movement of your funds from start to finish. The banking system does not allow this to be done at all. Using this system, you will be able to track exactly where your funds are in real time.

The advantages of the platform TraXion
TraXion allows to solve many problems of the current financial and banking system around the world. With the TraXion platform, you can easily conduct the necessary transactions with increased speed and high security. Only these indicators can already be considered as great advantages of the platform. Let's look at the advantages of this platform.
There are no boundaries for your payments anymore. You can easily transfer funds at the same speed from anywhere in the world. All you need for this is any gadget with Internet access. All transactions will occur at the same rate.
Since the platform is completely free of intermediaries in transfers that are used in the banking system, you will pay a very small fee. With multiple and large transfers, this will reduce the cost of financial transactions.
The main advantage of the TraXion platform is the increased speed of all transactions. The technology allowed the developers to increase the speed of transactions several times. It does not matter where you are, and what speed your Internet.

The principle of the TraXion platform
The whole platform consists of several components on the basis of which it functions. This is a fairly complex mechanism, let's try to examine it in more detail.
The first element of the system is TraXionWallet. All financial instruments of the platform will be produced using this component. When using a specialized cryptographic currency from the TraXion platform, you can transfer funds absolutely without a fee. Also, this element will allow you to view the entire history and analytical information on your payments. You will be able to track all the financial flows associated with your wallet very conveniently.
The next element of the system is TraXionConnect. This system will allow to produce all technical processes related to the technology of smart contracts. This system will improve the performance and security of the entire platform. It is a very important component in all the work of the TraXion platform.
TraXionChain technology will allow large companies to establish in their system all financial flows and business processes that require data interleaving with the help of information networks. All solutions offered TraXionChain system, it is possible to use exclusively to legal entities as large companies.
The open API of the whole platform will allow all sellers to participate in the development of this ecosystem, using a HyperTraxion wallet for any transactions. Also, this wallet will allow you to make Peer to Peer loans for any user of the platform. You will be able to earn credit points that you can use when lending to other users. In order to earn these points, you will need to make transactions using the TraXion system.

Details of TraXion ICO project
This platform has its own cryptographic currency, called TXN. The beginning of the public sale of this currency was scheduled for June 15, 2108. The currency sale will be completed on July 31, 2018, and a month and a half is allocated for all sales. The currency is purchased with crypto currency ETH. The cost of one TXN is equal to 0.001 ETH, at the time of sale of the currency. In total, about 100,000 TXN coins were produced, which is quite modest.
The distribution of income from the sale of cryptographic currency is as follows:

  • platform development-35%;
  • business development-30%;
  • compliance with regulatory requirements-20%;
  • operating expenses-15%.
    This distribution is designed to make people understand that the developers have sizali cryptographic coin for further development of the platform. In the system itself, the TXN coin will be used for internal payments, the interaction of all users, and the payment of various fees to the system.

The developers of the platform have set a large-scale task to improve the entire current banking system. This is quite a difficult and responsible task, which the developers of the TraXion platform strive for. It has great potential and excellent functionality, this platform is clearly able to win the financial market, and to surpass many companies to transfer funds. It will be very interesting to observe the development of this site. The developers of the platform say that they will release various functions every month, and in every way to develop the system, making it better and better.

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