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It is hard to imagine what our life would look like today without those advanced technologies that were invented by mankind over the past 1000 years. At what it concerns absolutely all spheres of our activity, whether it be technical progress, medical, scientific or financial. Everything is interconnected and each time a new discovery changes our existing structure of life, to a new and convenient. Thus, in 2013, with the advent of the world's first decentralized currency (Bitcoin), a new era of financial services was born. Now every year the number of derived forms of Bitcoin is growing at a crazy speed. And all because the world realized what opportunities are fraught with cryptocurrencies.

Every day hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars are moved in various trade transactions, financial services, payments, loans, investments. And the idea that in the near future all these transactions can be carried out with the help of blockchain technology is very intriguing and makes various world Banks and the government compete for who will be the first in this matter.

About the project:

That is why today, we will talk about the global concept of the Investa project. The main purpose of which is to create a digital Bank that would be able to provide uninterrupted service and instantaneous speed for the movement of funds in the global financial access.

To ensure absolute transparency of the open source code, Investa intends to involve an accounting firm that will conduct an independent audit. In order to maintain stability and prevent token dumping, Investa will limit its founders in the right to cash INV tokens, no more than 20% of the total volume during the first year. All token holders can directly communicate with the Investa team via such communication channels as Telegram, Twitter, Slack or other communities and forums. And to meet the changeable demand of customers and future coin holders, the development team will provide a variety of consensus, voting and democratic rules in making decisions related to the development of the platform. Thus, Investa strives to provide high quality services that will be available to absolutely everyone.

The universe Investa offers its customers to take advantage of such services as:

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  • E-wallet, which was developed specifically on the Ethereum platform with open source decentralized codes, allowing not only to securely and safely store cryptocurrencies, but also easily and quickly switch from cash to cryptocurrencies. Excluding third parties and using debit cards, the user can freely pay for various purchases with their cryptocurrencies.

  • CRYPTO ETF Basket has been specially designed to enable all users to quickly participate in pre-sales and ICO with the help of coins INV. As expected by the developers of Investa, with the help of a similar trading strategy, you can increase your income to 20% every month. And to protect investments from losses, ICO funds Investa will always be hedged with their own tokens.

  • Stock exchange Investa, sets a global goal: to solve all the problems of existing exchanges. Minimizing the exchange Commission for traders to 0.5% (while conventional exchanges charge a Commission of 1% to 2%). This exchange will be able to handle more than 1000 tasks per second, which will allow traders to conduct all transactions as quickly as possible, in real time. And due to the fact that the exchange will be supported in 10 languages, more than 98% of the world's population will be able to use its services, thereby making it the most international exchange in the world. Another important feature of this exchange is the fast process of passing the KYC procedure. Many exchanges on this process take days, weeks, and sometimes months. The Investa exchange will be able to process orders in the first 24 hours.

  • Investa (ITM) Terminals. These terminals will allow users to purchase various cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange them for local Fiat money in Europe and throughout the Latin American region. And also with the help of ITM it will be possible to pay for a variety of utilities, Internet, mobile phone and so on.

  • Invest Investa. This section of the services offers users and token holders to participate in various programs aimed at obtaining income.

  • The Credit platform is an investment in various portfolios of cryptocurrencies, each of which exempts from the need to buy any specific coin. By purchasing a portfolio of cryptocurrency, the user will receive daily income based on the amount of investment and the duration of the investment period. At the end of the portfolio, the user can again in a few clicks to re-invest their capital in the credit platform Investa.

Project team:

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ICO Investa

With regard to the timing of the ICO, the primary selling token INV will start with 1.05.18 for 30.06.18. With the help of this token, users will be able to pay for various services of the Investa application or some upcoming events of Investa.


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The Investa ecosystem is designed to become a multi-currency platform INV, with the help of which everyone will be able to exchange cryptocurrency or Fiat money at any time. I consider this project very interesting and perspective therefore for further acquaintance with it, I recommend you to study all necessary material in more detail and in detail on these references:



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