The world's first CRYPTO EUROPEAN BANK!

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In the modern world, due to the active development of cryptocurrencies, many people are beginning to face the problems of converting their assets into traditional currencies through banking systems. And all because the entire banking system is not serious about cryptocurrencies.

But now all crypto investors have a great chance to solve this problem by using CRYPTO EUROPEAN BANK (ECB). It helps not only to make money on cryptocurrency, but also to use the exchange platform without rice. Which constantly monitors all movement of money.

The exchange platform will be launched in London. Although London is not part of the European Union now, London is still the main financial center in Europe. The ECB innovation center will be located in France (Paris), and the main tax Department will be located in Milan (Italy)

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Thus, this system will allow to implement the most scalable and ambitious project that will provide open access to the ICO market. And to ensure a decent quality of work, observing all legal norms. All operations will be monitored by the financial team, and they will be able to carry out tax advice and forecast risks using artificial intelligence to eliminate "money laundering".

This project is designed to be safe and easy to use for all Europeans. Using ECB, everyone will be able to proudly and confidently say that he has earned money on crypto-currencies.

The main objective of the ECB project is the process of interaction between cryptocurrencies and traditional assets (real estate, stocks and bonds). At the same time, ECB allows processing data for participation in exchanges, as well as providing financial and analytical advice throughout Europe.

With strict KYC rules requiring identity verification, ECB will solve the most important problem of fraud and money laundering.

Thus, EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK seeks to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, so that people can use blockchain technologies easily and naturally, while observing all the norms of the law, without risk and safely.

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Because the cryptocurrency market is quite young. And for each person at the initial stage there are difficulties that undermine his confidence in the cryptocurrency market. Due to the development of a large number of different services, projects, tokens and exchanges. Not everyone knows what services are currently of high quality? And what effective? How do they work and will it make a profit? This, in turn, eliminates a large number of people, as all people are afraid to lose their capital. And they are more willing to invest only in stable and secure assets.

The history of this project began in September 2017, when a team of professionals began to develop the project EUROPEAN CRYPTO BANK. By June 1, 2018, a beta version will be released. By 2019, experts plan to introduce a Cobalt system, which will monitor compliance with the law on the system of "money laundering" to prove to all the traditional Bank that the profits of their customers are legal and legally clean.

Therefore, many analysts are confident in the success and competitiveness of the ECB platform. Which has been carefully thought out and strategically planned by a team of dedicated and creative guys.

Another step in the development of the project will be the emergence of its own token, which will be able to access all the unique services:

  • providing financial analysis on the whole cryptocurrency market;
  • as well as legal and tax advice.

Already actively being ICO project, the original price of a token 0,53555 euro apiece. We will be able to find out the exact number of tokens in circulation at the time of the end of token sale on may 1, 2018. All residents of all countries except the USA will be able to take part in the ICO.

So hurry up to take part in one of the most promising projects of this year. All detailed information can be found on these links:






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