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It is no secret that nowadays cryptocurrencies are rapidly taking their places in the modern world. We can pay by them in shops, many people run their business with their help and there are huge amount of people who are trying to make their first steps in this interesting and exciting sphere.Every day more and more companies are exploring new applications of blockchain technology, people invest into ICO’s but, unfortunately, the traditional financial world is still not integrated. Ether, Bitcoin, DASH are too volatile and have a nominal value that is too high for using it for everyday shopping. Besides, I have seen and used a number of wallets and I cannot say they all are as friendly as they should be. Moreover, the majority of them are so buggy that it is hard and dangerous to use them. A few times, I had to separate my wallets with long, boring and tricky setup for different types of cryptocurrencies. I agree, there are many services for crypto payments, but there is no point in them — they all are difficult to use and unsecured and do not have the proper stability of the assets. It takes too lomg to wait for the customer support and they cannot provide you with the automatic exchange to US Dollar, Swiss Francs or other fiat assets in an easy, fast and automatic way. I am sure, it is no news for you, many of us have faced all this problems.Guys from LAPO have also noticed these problem and worked out the great solution — LAPO — the definitive financial service enabled by blockchain innovation. Thanks to that, it is now possible to reduce transaction fees and complexity for business and increase access and usability for people. LAPO team is now building a revolutionary financial ecosystem empowering businesses, traders and consumers with a fast and easy payment solution. Therefore, I recommend you to join the future now! They have a secure decentralized exchange powered by artificial intelligence.No more need to separate your wallet — the LAPO ecosystem, the LAPO ePlatform, has effective multi-currency Wallet, Payment processing in multiple cryptocurrencies, fast private transactions, realtime decentralised trading and Smart Contract functionality with Tokenization features connected to the LAPO Bank forming a complete ecosystem.With using LAPO you will finally find the stability with traditional Swiss expertise in financial services to crypto assets worldwide.In conclusion, let me say a few words about LAPO Coin (LAX) which is supposed to be the next generation Cryptocurrency, according to many experts. This currency is based on DASH technology and matches for all its purposes. In the nearest future, you are going to be provided with human centric and privacy focused, lightweight Blockchain size; fast transaction time, only 2 to 5 seconds; atomic swap; aliasing system designed to avoid spoofing, phishing and typing errors. In addition, LAPO team is creating multi language and professionally designed wallet for the best user experience (UX) and for a flat learning curve for end users; using Near Field Communications (NFC) for funds transfer and payment. Sounds great, doesn’t it?To make the service even better, the LAPO team will have created the LAPO bank by the end of 2019. It is worth waiting for as it is going to be the first integrated payment ecosystem based on a cryptocurrency with the LAPO Trading Platform. This will enable LAPO to establish and strengthen its positioning as innovative cryptocurrency with a wide range of use cases in daily life useful for consumers, investors and merchants as well.I think it would not be an exaggeration to say the LAPO is a service of future, which you can join in right now!


01. May 2018


1st June 2018

LAPO Blockchain AG will be incorporated as external and fully independent company from LUI.IS Gmbh Blockchain Lab.
Blockchain Network will go Live!
LAPO Blockchain AG will start the distribution of LAX

Q3 2018

LAPO Coin (LAX) will be listed at least in 3–5 Exchanges
LAPO Blockchain AG will release the first implementation of the Mobile Wallet, the API v.0.5, the Merchant Portal (Beta) & eGateway(Beta)
LAPO Blockchain AG will organise the 1st LAPO Conference in Zurich

Q4 2018

LAPO Blockchain AG will release the second implementation of the Mobile wallet with “contactless” payment system
LAPO Blockchain AG will release the API v.1.0, the stable version of the Merchant Portal & eGateway, the LAPO Trading Platform (Beta) and the LAPO Sale Point (Beta)





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