Bitminer Factory is a leading cryptocurrency Mining Operation

Bitminer Factory is a leading cryptocurrency Mining Operation fed with Renewable Energy and managed by a Team of clean energy and mining experts. By purchasing BMF tokens with ETH or BTC you are entitled to use our Mining Assets and Services and receive your part of the cryptos generated by the Mining Operation.

The Bitminer plant is the first and leading crypto-currency mining with a team consisting of experienced people in both pure and crypto currency development. They are aimed at making Blockchain sustainable, using renewable energy sources to protect against critical moments when the benefits are shared with their owners. They have put a lot of things into successful mining operations, depending on what includes the purchase of an electrical infrastructure of 1.2 MW, 800 P8 Mining Machines, 200 Asic Machines, which will definitely help in mining operations.
The idea of the Bitminer Factory is not just out of nowhere, it was conceived as early as November 2016. Since then, their progress has been enormous from their first mining and processing plant, which is now unquestionably the largest in Italy. It was completed and fully operational from April this year, after twelve months of hard work and determination. From just a concept to follow the crypto-currency direction, today they are at the forefront, which leads to a stable process for crypto-currency mining.

The Bitminer factor wants to be one of the first who will study the huge potential and growth of the use of renewable energy sources for the development of crypto-currency systems. At the same time, their solution is based on 4 main keys;

  • Mandatory use of clean energy.
  • Reuse of energy, otherwise.
  • Flexibility with mobile units.
  • Diversification through ownership of renewable energy sources.
  • Users and owners of BMF tokens will be able to receive annual payments of crypto currency as a reward for the conduct. Users and investors can also benefit from trading on stock exchanges. In addition, BMF tokens will be used to perform transactions on the Bitminer factory platform.

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