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Hello everyone, I am presenting to you a platform that will bring easiness to business owners that are offering security ICOs token and their investors. But before I go further, I will like to touch briefly the classes of token we have and their difference. This is important so that we can know what Mobu is offering to the cryptocommunity.

There are three classes of tokens but I will mention the typical ones which are:

  • Utility tokens and
  • Security tokens.

Utility tokens can also be called user tokens or app token whereby a future access is being given to products or services. This should not be compared to an investment like most people do, it's just a means of having access to what is designated for. There can be a fluctuation in the token price but they are not designed as an investment. Example of utility token is BAT](https://basicattentiontoken.org/) that offers a token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.

Security tokens on the other hand, are tradable assets. The token does offer an investment contract with the expectation of future profit in form of the price going up which is the common reason but can also be in form of dividends and or revenue shares.

Problems Facing Security ICOs Tokens

The security tokens conform to securities laws and regulations which establish many limitations and restrictions on who can invest and trade the tokens. Many ICOs are unable to follow these restrictions and regulations which can debar the progress of the project.
Investors are finding it difficult to participate in these fundraising processes while the ICOs owners face the different obstacles on their roadmaps due to the rules and regulations, technical issues, that might cause set back and probably the failure of the projects.
To offer a security ICO token without issues that are really challenging needs a blockchain solution where there will be an easy offering of a security token to the cryptocurrency market by using a self-regulating decentralized platform whereby investors can also be secured. This is where Mobu comes in.

What is Mobu?

MOBU is a blockchain platform powered by Etherium Blockchain but those not connect to any other platform. Mobu is a platform whereby business owners can release their security ICOs tokens that are accessible to real assets, verification of buying and selling of the token by the means of escrow services, and also by providing a rare smart contract. This contract allows the extension of the security ICOs token and it contains the codes MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard needed to conform to the standards and requirement of Mobu.

With Mobu, cryptocurrency developers who are unsure of what the processes are for trading in the market can now have the mobu platform at use with lower fees, reduced complexcities, and ready made code for offering their security ICOs to the market.

Mobu ICO Platform Offers the Following Solutions

To the Business owners:

  • Non complicated platform, easy to use, and fill up the gap between security rules and business owners.
  • Easy release of ICOs tokens that are backed by reall assests
  • Smart conract codes that conform to the MOBU ERC20 platform and the MOB20 standard to adapt to the ideas and requirements of MOBU
  • Restriction of token to only verified users.
  • Deploys a network of authorization centers for KYC/AML compliance
  • Deploys a network of authorization centers for SEC approval for securities (reg
    CF, reg 504, reg 506(b), 506(c))

To Investors:

  • Introduces a Escrow services
  • Easy pulling out if the ICO is not following there road map
  • Ensures higher overall ROI for investors
  • creates a network of confidence and trust that will boost economic efficiency
    and incentivize community growth

And many more offerings from Mobu that you can get to read from their whitepaper.

Mobu Token


Just as other platforms and even countries have their own token so is mobu. Mobu tokens is the main token that conforms to a MOBU ERC20 platform and a MOB20 standard. Through Mobu Token, the Mobu market place will be created to insure trading of regulatory compliant securities on the blockchain. It also allow the recording of all transactions in the system to be captured by the system itself.
Mobu token will be created and distributed to all the system participants. Holders of the token become claim holders in the system. The token can be traded on approved exchanges.


Lock up procedure will be done for Mobu token which will also make it a utility token to access services. This will be put to place so that participant won't spend it all at once and there will be scarcity of the token so that it can increase in demand and value.

Also, Mobu token will be use as a refferal reward for companies/individuals that refer ICO issuers onto the platorm. The amount will be equivalent to one year revenue generated on the platform which is a good deal.

The Team MOBU


The team behing MOBU are strong , experienced people from different field combined together such as IT, business, blockchain, economics, and law and they are committd to the project as it was stateted in the whitepaper. their potfolio can also be seen there.


In Conlusion
I want to believe that MOBU is the solution that security ICO tokens Issuers are waiting for which will bring in decentalized platform to both the issuers and the investors. I will implore all to read the whhitepaper to get more facts and also vist Mobu website.

A brief vedio about how mobu works

All other materials are from Mobu info on @monajam's post. Mobu's site, and the white paper.
MOBU website

More Information:
Mobu Team

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