The Abyss: The Next-Generation Game Platform


Today we see the expansion and growing popularity of MMO games. Under this term, people recognize massively multiplayer online games — those games that are played by huge amounts of players at the same time online. Statistics show that MMO market reached almost thirty-one billion dollars in 2017. This type of games is traditionally divided into Free2Play group, which consists of games that don't require any payments to download and enjoy them, and Pay2Play group, which gathered games that have an established price that gamers need to pay.

In spite of the belief that Pay2Play can bring extra profits to developers, Free2Play games produce more profits — this can be explained by the fact that gamers spend money on purchasing in-game products. These games can be found by users on gaming platforms. You would think that this rising popularity of MMOs would make it easier for game developers in gaining profit, but current gaming platforms are inconvenient for them and they face numerous difficulties. One project called The Abyss came up with an innovative concept that laid a foundation of a new revolutionary gaming platform.


What is The Abyss?

It's a platform or a digital gaming portal that has a wide range of various F2P MMO's and cryptogames. Founders of this platform believe that current digital gaming platforms are inconvenient and dull since they don't supply developers with an ability to cooperate with their consumers. At the same time, gamers don't have an opportunity to reach out developers. Moreover, in order to popularize new games, developers are forced to use incompetent and expensive means of advertising that doesn't fulfill their goals. Current motivational programs for players are narrowed by a share of fees gathered from other users they bring in.

Abyss team came up with an idea to create a platform that will be convenient not only for gamers but for developers as well. The main difference of this platform from other gaming portals is that it empowers its gamers with a revolutionary opportunity to gain profit via in-game activities and other gamers’ payments. As for developers of MMOs, they as well will enjoy numerous advantages provided by this platform, such as, reducing their costs on advertising or receiving referral awards accomplished in different games provided by Abyss platform.


How it works?

Abyss platform has its internal currency called ABYSS tokens. Token owners will have such advantages as discounts for buying different in-games opportunities; they can be directly transferred to Ethereum wallets if there is such a need etc.

Developers will have an opportunity to get seventy percent of payments share with an opportunity to maximize it to a hundred percent or more. When the system receives payments from users, developers receive their share while other thirty percent will be stored by this system. According to a special referral program established by the company, these thirty percent of income will be distributed due to 1 to 5 referral levels.


Who will benefit from using the platform?

As it was mentioned above, developers will minimize costs spend on advertising. As for players, they will be provided with an ability to gain profit for inviting other users. There are other advantages that developers and gamers can enjoy using the platform.

Opportunities for developers:
  • If a developer invites a player, he receives profit, paid in internal cryptocurrency called Abyss tokens.
  • Developers are empowered with a possibility of directly purchasing and trading target traffic to one another.
  • They can receive a minimum share of fees by users of the gaming portal is seventy percent.
  • Special referral programs can maximize a share to a hundred percent or even more.
  • Portal gives an opportunity to collect tokens without identifying documents.
  • They have access to specific gamer statistics.
  • Developers may initiate alpha or beta versions of games in order to collect information and to use it for improving their products.


Opportunities for gamers:
  • Gamers can receive rewards in ABYSS tokens for their achievements, for inviting other players and for achievements accomplished by these invited friends.
  • They can enjoy games provided by developers all around the world.
  • The platform gives an exclusive ability to create fan art and to write reviews, guides for games, commentary about playing games and to gain profit from accomplishing these activities.
  • Gamers are allowed to gain supplementary ABYSS token bonuses if they fulfill special tasks within the system of offers for developers.
  • They have an opportunity to collaborate with other users in-game activities and receive rewards for them.
  • They can make requests and internal tokens will be sent to their Ethereum wallets.


About Abyss ICO:

Main Sale:

Start Date: 19.03.2018
DAICO: 16.04.2018
Main Sale Token Available: 362.25 millions ABYSS (60%)
Main Sale Token Price: 0.24 USD
First 48 Hrs: 25%
Days 3-7: 15%
Days 8-14: 10%
Days 15-21: 5%
Contributable cryptocurrencies: ETH, BNB (acceptable from the international (non U.S.) participants only, minimum contribution is 1000 BNB tokens).

Tokens Distribution (603.75 millions ABYSS summary):









Q3 2008: Foundation of Destiny.Games (video game company).
Q3 2016: The idea of a state-of-the-art game portal creation.
Q2-Q3 2017: Testing the opportunity of blockchain technology integration into the new concept.
Q4 2017: Presenting the concept of The Abyss – a new generation digital distribution platform.
Q1 2018: Presenting the concept of DAICO - an innovative fundraising model.
Q2 2018: Introducing The Abyss platform prototype: Conducting the Token Sale: Commencing The Abyss platform development: Presentation of concept of The Abyss to game developers.
Q3-Q4 2018: Active phase of platform development: Legal and financial preparation for the launch of the project: Partnership agreements with game projects.
Q1 2019: The first version of the platform with the startup game package: API for project integration. Unified bi-currency billing; Unified system of authorization: The first integration of multilevel referral programs.
Q2-Q4 2019: Active development of the platform: Expansion in the number of connected projects; Introducing the personalization and socialization systems; Introducing the detailed reporting system; Introducing the internal CPA Network.
Q1-Q4 2020: The expansion of platform functionality: Motivational programs; The ability of content generation and evaluation; Auction; Syndicates; Joint game achievements.
2021+: Crowdfunding platform: Further extension of the platform.


Due to a fierce struggle between developers for the audience, they have no other opportunity to spend large amounts of money for advertising. Unfortunately, such means of inviting users to new games are usually inefficient. Abyss created a gaming platform that will eliminate a need to spend money on ads. Portal provides developers and users with a convenient gaming system which gives opportunities to both groups of users. Developers will find their target audience without spending money on ads. Gamers are provided with an exclusive ability to receive rewards for their in-game activities. Revolutionary Abyss concept has all characteristics that will help in changing the current gaming world.

For more information about Abyss Project please visit:

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CoinMarketCap: TBA (now on ICO stage)

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