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The Hero Capital Market Platform is based on smart contract and the superb block chain technology which helps them to set up a huge network of reliable financial services that helps individuals and businesses get access to the right, transparent and efficient and legally compliant transfer of digital currencies. Blockchain is an emerging technology that is being adopted by many industries including financial sector to free many financial services from old methods of transaction systems and switch to competitive, high-tech, faster and better financial systems so that business and individuals get reliable and efficient financial systems.

Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain can be the perfect solution. Firstly, the blockchain technology comprise of a new and powerful tool that helps enhance the financial addition. It is also helpful in interrupting many old financial institutions and improving the performance of many banks all around the world. By intervening in conventional financial institutions and making the financial process simple, blockchain can aid risk free, instant and effortless loans so that individuals do not have to panic with the idea of standing for hours together in a queue or travel long distances just to get a loan.

Secondly, the blockchain technology will enhance the administrative process. When micro loans are fed in blockchain and almost everyone can access the, then those who have bad behaviour will be held responsible. Blockchain is a smart technology that can identify the natural complications related to lending process. Having the idea of open ledger, smart contracts, decentralize platform, balanced central database, blockchain turns out to be cost effective, transparent, legally compliant technology.

Hero Token
A Token sale is a specific event wherein a new project of crypto currency sells certain part of the crypto currency tokens that it owns to early participants/enthusiasts in exchange for the funding. For companies who offer the tokens for sale, it has become a perfect and well documented method to arrange for funds to promote/support a new/existing product service.

What is importance of Token sale?
Though PawnHero owns a license from central bank, in order to manage a huge number of customers and an operation product to let PawnHero progress needs more capital to measure their impact. Of course, they need to work towards development of the product, conquer new markets and employ experienced people to help their business prosper. In order to create collateralized/uncollateralized funds lending rules and regulations, it requires increased number of loans as compared to the ones they are supporting now. Many people would love to become the part of PawnHero’s success if they start with token rather than acquiring traditional methods of raising capital.

The Hero tokens can help the token holders to share the benefit that PawnHero enjoys in future. The token is sale is extremely transparent, fast and efficient.

Utilizing Proceeds through Token Sale
The team of PawHero has been constantly working hard since 2014. They launched their first product pawning-platform, which was developed and then tested systematically and is operational. The first loan they released was in February 2015. The response was absolutely stunning and they received 100,000 applications. PawnHero will be in every corner of the world in future. The funding system at this point of time will help PawnHero to fund various sectors like


PawnHero has already sanctioned around 100,000 applications for loan. They got an amazing support from the media and their main focus on marketing was in press and on online platforms. To increase their network of audience they will be using proceeds to make use of traditional media as well as online marketing strategies to approach the market in Philippines to form Hero as their next major consumer based brand.

When it comes to the success of PawnHero, the most crucial factor is its credit terms and extraordinary lending platform and it is indeed something they need to spend on in coming years. Development would need them to invest in developing Magnus operating transparent platform to carry out the operations smoothly. They also need to look into development of multi-platform arena that supports iOs, Android and WebApp.

Operating costs
Some part of proceeds can be utilized to fund expenses necessary towards daily operations.
Proceeds can also be utilized to enable the loan book growth.

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