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 Hello my friends bloggers what is the day? your semog is all in good health all AMIIN. Today I will review a very remarkable program. In kumpas thoroughly very detailed so easy to understand. hopefully this can be your reference in making decisions.It is a decentralized system involving blockchain and consists of several smart contracts within the perimeter of the block and crypto chip itself, and the platform is a system product created by the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistics companies and organizations around the world. And also blockchain and smart contracts serve as a way forward into industrial use, creating economies of scale and potentially combining supply. manufacturing will make the industry more accessible, safe and economical for more participants in a direct peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem.
DEEP AERO is a Standard for eVTOL manufacturers, chargers, bearings, and software developers, an integrated connection between each eVTOL player, the infrastructure. The connection point is all transactions using the Drone token.Drone Token:With the number of tokens in your wallet (without spending it, this affects the "service class")By agreeing to a higher rate determined by the current ratio of demand and supply. (And decentralized systems allow you to see real-time changes in the current demand and supply network capacity in your region and your fair trade will shape the last flight price).
The total life of a 4-seat Bartini vehicle corresponds to 700,000 Token Drones on a resource wallet, and a 2 seat token - up to 500,000. As soon as this amount is reached, the vehicles are recycled and tokens are then transferred to the factory to pay for new vehicles for the city.'s vision is to become a customer and business community that brings closer future use of shared air vehicles to mass urban passenger flights and to accelerate the manufacture of both air vehicles, community-endowed blockchain solutions and more. infrastructure for its use - technology, legal, and social. 

 The community has created Drone tokens for themselves and their members, to share, work for and benefit from a) a shared vision of having a urban flight come true within 1-2 years and b) a token being a lasting feature of making the mass of urban aviation affordable. 

 From this wallet the vehicle autonomously settles all expenses related to urban flights and its ecosystem and infrastructure: 

  •  Battery charge 
  •  Rent landing location (vertiport) 
  •  Purchase media content that selected passengers to enjoy 
  •  Scheduled maintenance 
  •  Air traffic control. 

 The vehicle can even track cabin damage and excessive use of other resources and issue additional charges to passengers under smart contracts. After landing the vehicle settles the cost associated with its resource consumption by transferring the amount of each token into the internal "total flight counters" called "resource wallets". This is the "meter" of the life of each vehicle, such as the odometer used to measure the life of the car. 

 Bartini's total 4-seat vehicle lifespan corresponds to 700,000 Drone tokens on a resource wallet, and a 2-seat token - up to 500,000. As soon as this amount is reached, the vehicles are recycled and tokens are then transferred to the factory to pay for new vehicles for the city. 

 In today's world, a one-minute flight can generally be valued between USD 15 and USD 40 by chartered helicopters (and Uber estimates flight rates equal to initially Uber-Black service tariffs and drops to UberX rates). 

 So The goal of the mass urban aviation community and the consortium is to make the Drone token more affordable through the effective operation and management of infrastructure and vehicles and economic systems. 

 The token drone may be the only token that aims to reduce its relative value, while urban flights transform themselves from exclusive services into commodities. The consortium is: 

  •  Blockchain software developers 
  •  Experimental aircraft developers and manufacturers 
  •  Interior designer 
  •  airplane 
  •  Aircraft manufacturer series • IT integrators 
  •  Investment funds 
  •  Research organizations 
  •  Center of prototype 
  •  Owner and operator of the vehicle (airline provider) 
  •  Owner and operator of Vertiport 
  •  Traffic operator 
  •  Entrepreneurs for various functions throughout the value chain 
  •  Law consultant 

 Decentralized communities develop blockchain for various implementations (banks, gas stations, mileage, properties, etc.) 

 Conclusion: This product is two and four passengers own navigation plane (or cargo plane carrying 400kg), sedan sized, combining quadcopter with wings. Passengers enter the destination, the vehicle picks up vertically from each surface, the tilt-shift engine into "airplane" (horizontal) flight mode, which allows to travel over 150 km at 300 km / h with one battery charge (over 600 km). on a hydrogen fuel cell), then landing vertically on arrival. 

 Blockchain-powered software platform for eVTOL vehicles with electric engines and vertical takeoff / landing, (like drones, but larger and capable of transporting people).The blockchain-powered software platform for airplanes gives people an affordable and spectacular way to avoid traffic congestion and travel quickly (6 times faster than regular cars) in urban areas. 

 So my review of a project is very remarkable. hopefully can add information that can provide more benefits in investing in the future. 

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