The game is a part of our daily life. And the excitement is amazing. Feeling of thrills and freedom can be found in such actions. Gambling is part of the oldest form of entertainment. Since the decade, people have been involved in such activities. Today, the situation has changed dramatically, as people have more opportunities for entertainment with different options.
Players from different countries take part in a global event on an online platform. The biggest problem that the industry is facing now is the lack of trust of players to the current platform. Thus, the biggest problem should be solved first of all, so that the industry moves along the right path. There is a need for a transparent and reliable platform.

Solution offered

Truegame is a gaming platform based on Blockchain and smart contracts. They are aimed at solving problems existing in the gambling industry. Users can play more than a dozen games on the platform, such as lottery, scratch cards and prizes. The company reunited a team of specialists to create a product that really attracts this community of players. The solution found by Truegame is to use blockchain technology, more precisely, the Ethereum block chain, to ensure that all processes of the company are completely transparent and that the problem of trust in this industry is solved. This is undoubtedly a new step in the right direction to make the industry better. Unlike other ICOs Truegame already has an existing project in which users already play in more than a dozen different games (starting cards, attractive prizes, lotteries, gift boxes, etc.). After ICO, the Truegame team wants to add new games such as dice, bingo, smart roulette, slot machines and much more.


The token released by TrueGame is called TGAME and is based on the ERC20 protocol. The total number of tokens released is 300,000,000.
70% of these tokens (210 million) will be sold to the public. Tokens that will not be sold at the end of ICO will be burned. In addition, Truegame will not release more tokens than the set 300 million. This token will be released as soon as the ICO process is complete.
This time the main sale of tokens goes on and will continue until April 30, 2018. 45% of the funds raised from the ICO will be used to purchase the player, and 33% will be spent on the jackpot.

The project certainly deserves our attention, as it is represented by a team of professionals who know their business. Just so relevant is the idea of a project that has realistic plans for its implementation.

But the investment decision is always yours, dear readers, because no one except you is responsible for them. So I advise you to follow the links below and to get acquainted with the information about the project in more detail.

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