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This project was created after a thorough market analysis and prospects for cryptography. They also carefully analyzed the main issues encountered in the process of working with crypto-currencies. To implement the project, the founders sort out the services of financial experts, lawyers, developers and managers.

Modern problems:
Cryptocean noted that those who want to try themselves in the world of crypto-currencies and decentralized services, whether they are interested in new technologies and its functions or are simply looking for non-standard ways to earn money, for example through cryptor trading or buying, and holding various tokens, he will have to face several serious problems.

They want to help newcomers overcome the problems associated with buying crypto currency and the associated risks, for example, trust in exchanges and services or the only legitimacy of the money received.

The general idea:
Cryptocean is a platform that wants to combine financial and technological services in dealing with crypto, digital financial assets, and currency. The platform will meet all the requirements of AML and KYC. The ultimate goal is to link the world of crypto currency and fiat.

All in one platform.
The project wants to allow the user to manage all of its crypto-currency payments, transfers and all the rest within the same platform. Using different applications can be troublesome and risky for some people, since it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

Innovative solutions Cryptocean:
One of the innovations that Cryptocean has created is the integration of crypto accounts with a bank account. Thus, this project will make the flow of crypto currency and Fiat between these two worlds unhindered. All this will be done in accordance with all financial laws.

Cryptocean users will have a plastic crypto card that will link to their application. This will be used to withdraw funds from ATMs. With the help of the application, users can convert crypto to fiat, send money to others, and even pay taxes and bills.

Also, automatic payments will be introduced so that people can make payments at regular intervals, such as weekly, monthly and much more. This will be a very useful feature in the mining farms, which will help them pay bills for electricity. Users will receive emails, SMS, or push notifications when an automatic payment is made.

Another feature is that the team wants to present this multi-currency crypytowallet. This purse will serve the top 100 crypto-tokens. This eliminates the need to have several wallets for different cryptographers. To ensure the security of the wallet, all keys will be stored only on the user's device. The purse also comes with multifactor authentication. This will include things like fingerprints, SMS and many others.

Crypto-currency cards:
One of the interesting features is that it will be possible to get a conventional plastic card, similar to that issued by banks. However, in this case, the user will be able to pay for goods and services from his crypto-currency account, which will be instantly exchanged for Fiat at the time of payment.

When it comes to single payments, a merchant who will also use the Cryptocean platform can receive payment only in crypto or automatically decide to exchange it for fiat. As the market of crypto currencies grows and the cost of tokens increases every day, it is likely that withholding this money will bring him big profits in the long run.

Road map:
It is worth noting that the project has already done a lot. They began to receive agreements and licenses for handling money from fiat money and providing financial services, as well as legally exchange crypto-currencies for fiat. There was also a private stage before the ICO, which attracted $ 797,320 for initial development.

Currently, they focus on marketing strategy and to defeat the successful ICO sector. In June 2018, the first launches of alpha versions of the platform and services, such as crypto-exchanges, payments, transfers and accounts, are planned. The release of a full cryptographic ecosystem is planned for the end of 2018.

Stage ICO:
The CRON token will be used for all payments within the platform. It simply acts as a utility token.

Currently there is a public Pre-ico with a target of $ 5,000,000. It ends on June 15, 2018.

The main stage of the ICO is scheduled to run from September 1 to 25. They plan to release 6 424,925,346 CRON tokens. The minimum target is set at $ 25,000,000, while the maximum target is set at $ 70,000,000. Depending on the number of tokens sold, there will be several stages of discounts. Which means, the earlier you buy, the more tokens you can get for the same price. The initial price of the CRON is set to $ 0.01.

The project team:
The team behind the project is very broad, consists of experienced individual members, and a whole team of 50 programmers to take care of the technical side. There are BL blockchainchain experts with extensive knowledge of various programming languages, such as Java, C ++ and Go or PHP. The marketing team is also very impressive, as managers and directors have previously worked with companies such as Red Bull, Pepsi CO or Media Markt. There is also a participant who participated in the promotion of four ICO projects that raised more than $ 70,000,000.

Official website: https://cryptocean.io/en
White paper: https://cryptocean.io/files/EN/Cryptocean.White%20Paper%20EN.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cryptocean1
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cryptocean1/
Telegram: https://t.me/cryptoceanRUS
Author: standout321

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