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In our day, sports are increasingly popular. Active promotion of healthy lifestyles gives fruit and more and more young people go to gyms to keep their bodies and bodies in excellent condition. However, some of them don't want to be constantly in the stuffy room, but prefer outdoor activities. Therefore, the popularity of sports such as surfing is starting to grow. But, unfortunately, it's rather difficult to find a place where you can get involved in this sport. The LipChain application allows surfers and sailors from all over the world to publish their photos and videos and earn money by practicing their favorite sports. Lipchain is a decentralized landscape that provides sponsorships for surfers, unofficial contests and year-round learning environments.

Application members who publish their content can earn income in the following ways:

  1. receive a prize according to the number of impressions
  1. receive remuneration other than sponsors.

The project team will be able to unite the global surfing community in a decentralized ecosystem. This will help athletes find sponsors, participate in competitions and improve their skills.

Industrial problems:

Lack of funds for beginners to enter professional level. After all, surfers must practice at least 8 years and spend the same time more than 3000 euros per year.

There is no place for training and training.

Complexity in access to prestigious international championships due to lack of funds.

There are no special channels for advertisers. Manufacturers of surfing and sailing equipment compete to attract the attention of their audience.

Ecological problems. Contaminated beaches and water and lack of government attention to this problem.

To overcome this problem, the project team has developed the following conditions:
This application contains videos and photos of athletes to increase popularity.

Training athletes in artificial ponds with waves for training throughout the year.

The community can choose its bid, even without taking part in various championships.

LIPCHAIN ​​APP provides access to global content and sailing communities as well as useful tools for sponsors

LIPCHAIN ​​allocates 5% of its revenue to clean the sea and beaches.

To help athletes engage in surfing, even when there is no such possibility, it is planned to build LIPWAVE Pool Centers, which will offer Olympic training conditions throughout the year. These centers will allow 100 athletes to travel, creating waves every 6-8 seconds of the 20 € hourly fee. This means that each LIPWAVE Pool Center can produce ideal waves for more than 1,000 surfers per day. The first LIPWAVE center will be built in Portugal, and the second place will be decided by transparent voting from the LIPCHAIN ​​community. Also in the plan is the creation of an ecological resort around the center.

ICO details

LIPS Tokens are tokens that act as payment media and will be used for prizes and sponsors on the LIPCHAIN ​​platform. Token owners will receive discounts for internal surfing resorts and other platform services. The big advantage is also the lack of costs for implementing transactions using tokens on the platform.

Token Token: LIPS

Token type: ERC20

Token that was actually released: 1,000,000,000

Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000.

Tokens for sale: 210 000 000

Hard Cap: $ 20,000,000.

Stage 1 - 21.03,2018-30,04,2018. 15% bonus

Stage 2 - 01,05,2018-31,07,2018 15% Bonus

Stage 3 - 01,08,2018-14,09,2018. 10% bonus

Stage 4 - 15.09,2018-14,10,2018 5% Bonus

Stage 5 - 15,10,2018-15,11 ,, 2018 Bonus 0

The cost is: $ 0.1

Minimum purchase: 50 $

With a purchase of $ 1000, a 5% bonus. And when you buy from $ 5000, the bonus is $ 10.

Token Distribution:

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