Swipe project: how to eliminate the confidence deficit in data monetization

We all know about the huge role of advertising in sales of anything. Initially, advertising was extremely primitive. There simply existed agencies that accepted advertisements. Over time, the effectiveness of advertising began to gain momentum, because it became possible to apply the latest progress. With the development of the Internet, the direction of Internet advertising has also grown.

With the proliferation of mobile gadgets with access to the Internet, advertising aimed at the owners of these gadgets began to develop. At the same time, platforms, advertising events and campaigns are developing. And we just today will talk about such a platform, SwipeCripto, designed specifically for smartphones.

Probably, almost no person in the world can imagine his life without a smartphone. And statistics say that with each passing day they are getting more and more. This in turn is used by advertising agencies and experts in the field of advertising.

And from this follows the problem of obsessive advertising, which is familiar to all owners of mobile gadgets. You probably heard about the "banner blindness", which is just a reaction to an overabundance of advertising, which means that colorful advertising banners on the smartphone's screen cause either irritation or are not noticed by users in general, so companies pay for advertising that is optimized for mobile applications, users either ignore or block advertising banners.

On the other hand, due to the insufficient speed of the mobile Internet and mobile applications, it becomes problematic to look for the necessary products and information about them. It turns out that this problem also requires permission. And I must say that the SwipeCripto platform, based on the technology of blocking, successfully solves these problems.

Features and Tasks of SwipeCripto

Promotion of posting and viewing of advertising by platform participants for a fee in the form of tokens;
Providing the opportunity to monetize projects of platform participants and increase profits from them;
Improve data management, which users share on the network, their intellectual property system;
Ensuring the transparency of these platforms with the help of blocking technology;
Ensuring maximum security and confidentiality due to the system's platform qualities.
Swipe involves bringing together users who generate virus content on the network. Such specialists will receive recognition and monetize their abilities. In this case, high-quality Internet materials automatically advertise applications for the smartphone. Thus they will be used for their intended purpose.

The platform will offer content when you lock and unlock the screen of mobile gadgets. The gadget user will receive a bonus in the form of tokens depending on the number of ad views. Advertising, in turn, will be high-quality and automatically more effective.

ICO Information

Token - SWIPE
Issue - 100 million.
The standard for the token is ERC20

Full information about the ICO is provided by the official website of the platform.

Road map

The road map is detailed and approved until 2020. Next in the plans - scaling and globalization. The project will start in the second quarter of 2018.


If we sum up everything that we learned about the SwipeCrypto project, we can say about its high degree of attractiveness for many users. For investors, participating in the project means getting stable payments and rewards within the loyalty system. Advertising agencies also benefit from the participation of the project and the receipt of income from advertising activities. And for the platform participants - bonuses in the form of tokens as a result of viewing advertising are also undoubtedly beneficial and increase their loyalty and interest.

It seems that the platform SwipeCrypto will increase its growth rate and the value of its assets. Therefore, bonuses to all participants of the system will be regularly paid. Of course, everyone himself decides to participate in this or that ICO. But this project is quite interesting and promising.

More information on the links:

Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1756728

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