Trex Token is a new platform created with the Ethereum Blockchain. The focus of the developers is close to their hearts. It is a project for musicians and tries to solve a big problem for aspiring artists.

With Trex Token, musicians have the ability to produce their own songs, and listeners will enjoy and hear new content from any device they own. Trex Token will give the user the opportunity to use the platform in different ways. Donation requests, payments and the involvement of advertising companies.

It differs from other music streaming platforms by funding music and video artists and giving tokens to its users, from music and video enthusiasts to commercials

When an artist creates a new single or music album, he has to spend his time creating that piece from an original idea to the product. They finance it with their own money, contact a record label in the hope that they will be interested in the song, invest and publish it to get the most sales. This all takes many months before results can be achieved.

Often, however, this does not happen because the artist does not have the resources to make a music video because he does not have the right contacts and because the record label (given
The huge amount of songs they receive rarely puts their time and effort into the song. An artist can often find that he spent a lot of time and money without profits or revenues.

Trex Token, due to the Ethereum Blockchain, wants to finally solve these problems that are hindering emerging artists in the world of music. Trex Token gives advertisers the ability to easily reach their target audience, avoiding intermediaries that only increase advertising costs. We give them the choice to choose the amount they invest in each advertising. In addition, advertisers receive data to measure the results of their marketing campaign.

Trex Token has solved problems for the artist by allowing them to upload their songs without needing a record label. The artist can receive donations in TXT tokens that may be
converted into money or it can help to promote the development of their own piece of music. Artists can also earn advertising revenue generated by their music and resale
her own songs. This is enhanced by the social network created on the Trex token platform and the loyalty of the fans.

Money over the token $ TXT of the Trex Token will be immediately credited to the artist purse and may be deducted or converted at its sole discretion. Artists no longer have to wait several months before a record label sends various reports, they can check the progress in real time directly in its Ethereum Wallet.

With Trex Token, the advertiser also has more clarity about the cost and does not have to pay any additional brokers. You can create your own advertising campaign through a special one
Promotional tool within the Trex token platform, select the appropriate destination.
Once a goal is selected, the advertiser can select the amount (in $ TXT he wants to invest for each ad seat). The higher the bid, the more visibility the ad has
The advertiser does not have to pay astronomical numbers because Trex Token completely excludes intermediaries and allows the advertiser to set the budget they want to spend on individuals
Trex Token accepts within its platform all songs that are not plagiarism, but the result of the originality and work of an artist, without violating the works of other artists.

ICO details
general information

Token: TXT

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 10,000,000,000 TXT

Price: 1 ETH = 10,000,000 TXT

Payment: ETH

Hard cap: 500 ETH



Start: 20.09.2018

Completion: 30.11.2018

Smart contract: 0x4b44f450bc3bFB60DC1a0690cBA028e1193CaE4f

Concept of token sale:

30 days with the possibility of automatic early termination in pursuit of ICO's ultimate goals

Token sales phase


  • All unsold and unassigned tokens are destroyed and additional token sharing is not possible

  • CEO & Dev Wallets will be suspended for 1 year.

  • Advisor wallets are blocked for 3 months.

    Tokens will be essential for:
    • Make a donation
    • Buy a song
    • Royalties

2018 August ICO Preparation (white paper, website)

2018 October TXT release on some exchanges

2018 December TXT website release

2019 March release TXT on iOS

2019 April Wallet integration on iOS

2019 July Cancel Android App

2019 November Release Version 1.0 (user can use VTXT to buy songs)

For more information visit:
Author: standout321

Bitcointalk profile:;u=1756728

My Ethereum wallet address: 0x495A548499e336311Dec1219b9Fa34df00769c13

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