Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform to manage paid content and create SMART advertisements in instant messaging


Universal Marketing Company (UMC) is the first platform to manage paid content and create SMART advertisements in instant messaging.

The Universal Marketing Company (UMC) platform, which is supported by Artificial Intelligence, is designed to manage paid content and create SMART advertisements in instant messages. In particular, as a platform aggregator, UMC was created to reduce the costs of managing, managing and promoting media networks in instant messengers.
The first instant messenger with UMC paying for content implementation is Telegram. Platform choices are clear, because Telegram throughout the world is a symbol of freedom, independence and decentralization, the crypto industry symbol. The UMC platform provides the most effective management of all types of content to create the right type of information that can meet all the needs of the audience.

One of the most important features of the UMC platform is the SMM function and its additional non-core functions.

UMC platform functionality for Social Media Marketing:

Comprehensive statistics. The most relevant data collection and analysis. Provide accurate information about important parameters for successful ad campaigns on selected sites.
High levels of security, independence and work are accelerated through the use of smart contracts.
Simplify the scheme of collaboration with opinion leaders (bloggers). Evaluate the effectiveness of their channels before the start of an automated analytical advertising campaign.
Support ad campaigns without direct participation in the process (when choosing an automatic model).
Segmentation of target audience (targeting) according to different criteria if needed.
Large coverage of active targeted audiences with minimum costs.
Operative feedback between process participants. Possible flexible approaches and rapid changes in advertising strategies.
Wide opportunity for advertising and community content management.
Continuous optimization and cost control in the implementation of advertising campaigns and understanding of their possible effectiveness.
Budgeting: concludes based on data obtained previously evaluating the effectiveness coefficient of advertising on one or another channel. Calculation of customer average costs and total cost management of advertising campaigns.


The UMC platform is based on smart contracts and operates using high-speed artificial intelligence. It makes advertising on instant messengers effective, reliable and as comfortable as possible. All actions can be done quickly and easily through an easy-to-use interface.

Now, it's easy to manage ads in instant messages for any user - individuals, large companies, channel owners, or experienced smm managers. There are no additional fees and efforts!

Universal Marketing Company has been actively developing. The first original product was the Telegram bot. At the time of ICO launch, it passes the second part of the beta test. In parallel, the remaining components of the system are being developed.

Flexible settings, built-in analysis, manual or fully automatic mode choices, paying for ads without commissions that are not necessary is not the entire list of benefits that each participant receives from the UMC platform.


The decentralized UMC platform operates on the basis of smart contracts. They are guarantors of the implementation of agreements agreed upon in the ecosystem.

Large Data Storage.
Large data storage for large amounts of information. In the future, processing and calculation will be carried out through superfast artificial intelligence.
Integration into the most popular instant messengers.
Consider each technical feature. At present, there is already a high-quality BOT prototype for Telegram. Development of appropriate versions for other messengers is ongoing.

Built-in payment processing module.
Possible fast and profitable exchange of fiat or crypto money on UMCC on the UMC platform. This becomes the internal crypto exchange itself in the long run.

Universality and comfort.
UMC is able to simultaneously support two types of interfaces - via Messengers or WEB-platforms.

"Marketing in instant messaging will never be the same again. The Universal Marketing Company Platform is the ability to place ad posts in one click or actually automatically. Choose only the most high-quality sites, individually for your needs. Make sure you adhere to all settings. Get full control over the performance and effectiveness of each ad campaign. "


Self-study statistics, and simultaneously on different resources.
Take the time to choose channels that are suitable for placement, discussion of conditions.
Problems with payments, including blocking of possible cards, loss of interest in conversion, commission.
The need for self-verification of compliance with conditions agreed before.
Possible costs for connecting additional specialists: journalists, marketers.
Regular analysis of ad campaigns, in general or separately for each channel.
"The marketing revolution in the courier has begun!"

UMCC (Universal Marketing Company Coin) - UMC token platform (futures for advertising). This will be applied to the Ethereum platform and the ERC-20 standard. UMCC tokens are issued in the amount of 500,000,000

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Token sales will take place in 3 stages:

Stage 1 - closed sales, until June, 2018, under the SAFT agreement (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens)
Stage 2 - pre-sale of tokens through "white list", until 1 July 2018
Stage 3 - open sales tokens, until August 1, 2018
Available purchase currencies are Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC)

For participants in closed sales, estimates for 12-month frozen tokens with partial quarterly defrost.

Starting from the initial placement date of the UMCC token, the participant agrees and accepts that it is permissible to send the amount in BTC and ETH to Ethereum's intelligent contract system to get the equivalent equivalent at UMCC

The minimum purchase is 1 ETH
The maximum purchase is 100 ETH
At the same time, dollar-denominated contribution fees can vary with current BTC and ETH rates.

UMCC prices are set in USD and vary depending on the phase of the token sale:

The pre-ICO price is by appointment.
The ICO price is 0.1019 USD
distribution of UMCC fund tokens

Soft Cap is 6 255 241 $. This corresponds to the amount of costs for platform creation, functionality, promotion and development by the end of 2018, as well as to launch ICO and output tokens to external exchanges

Hard Cap is 22 550,000 $. This will allow UMC to fulfill its business plan for platform development before the first quarter of 2021

There are bonuses planned to participate in the ICO. They reached 40% during closed sales and up to 20% during open sales.

The UMC backup platform is needed for the functioning of the system without interruption and the permanent availability of UMCC office internal exchange platform tokens.

The UMCC Token will be registered in at least one crypto exchange. That should be Binance


The UMCC token is an important and the only payment tool for the UMC platform. This gives access to all UMC ecosystem options.
Limited emissions. It was issued only once - only 500 000 000 pieces.
Affordable fees. The sale price of the open token is 0.1019 $.
The possibility of receiving a bonus for the purchase of the initial token.
Unstoppable demand increases because the usual parts are burned from UMCC tokens, and because of the increasingly popular UMC platform itself.

You can pay for any paid advertising and services in the UMC ecosystem. All financial transactions at UMC are made exclusively in UMCC tokens.
You can be at any point in the World and easily and conveniently order ads. There are no additional commissions, no exchange rate differences!
The UMCC is a truly transparent joint settlement mechanism among all ecosystem participants, the potential value and demand for growth.


The Universal Marketing Company (UMC) project employs professionals with years of experience in SMM marketing, project management and software development, including those based on chain-blocks.


For detailed information about UMC, please visit the link below:

Website: https://umccoin.io
White book: https://umccoin.io/files/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UMCcoinOfficial
Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/UMCcoin.io
Telegram: https://t.me/UMC_community_EN
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/UMCcoin
Media: https://medium.com/@umcompany .mail

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