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Crypto currencies have experienced serious shocks and it is difficult to choose a viable project. And on this day my opinion was attracted by this project.

ZAMZam goal: safety, confidence in the future and peace of mind. ZamZam has opened the currency market and cryptocurrency financial services to new and small and medium business players.

And now, small businesses are on the verge of transforming all parts of business processes into cryptocurrency.

However, at present, there is no user-friendly interface on the market that allows, by analogy and with ordinary Bank clients, to issue invoices and have a history of transactions with clients and contractors, to pay salaries to employees and pay taxes to public authorities, to delegate access to the Cryptocurrency account company for accountants and other company employees.

ZamZam also creates a Bank client to manage the company's cryptocurrency account, which will allow us to comfort and practice all commercial activities in cryptocurrency.

ZamZam represents a progressive system of fair financial agreements between individuals and organizations based on the Islamic banking model.

Our principle: honesty, transparency, ease of use and full control of money for consumers. This decision was made possible thanks to the emergence of a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market.

However, the main obstacle to the formation of full ecosystems is the insufficient number of cryptocurrency users and the complexity of their use.

ZamZam expands a global audience of cryptocurrency users, which aims to attract masses who are not compliant technology. The ZamZam service allows us to send cryptocurrency anywhere in the world, even though the recipient does not have a cryptocurrency wallet.

To do this, just enter the telephone number where the recipient will receive an SMS with a link to download the application.

After a simple authorization procedure and the authenticity of their identity, users will be able to manage the funds received. This service is simple, transparent and democratic.
ZamZam is a transparent, fair and efficient blockchain bank that can unite millions of people and organizations in the cryptocurrency market. And this will give users the ability to control taxation cash flows and allow users to save millions of dollars in transactions while maintaining complete control over their funds.

Unfortunately, the commission on the payment market p2p remains quite high. Currency conversion and high bank fees and payment systems make p2p transfers too expensive.

And at the same time, 31% of the world's population does not have a Bank account. ZamZam will work to solve this problem, make P2P transfers as accessible as possible, and help millions of people who do not have access to a strengthened financial services Bank account.

Zam.wallet is also called a very safe multi-functional wallet with a user-friendly and functional interface. This plays a key role in the ZamZam ecosystem.

ZamZam Bank will fully support most of the standard cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum (including ERC20 tokens) for all payment related features.

This does not only mean that customers will be able to save and exchange these currencies, but it also gives them the ability to maintain balances on accounts connected to payment cards, allowing users to hold cryptocurrency like ordinary money.

ZAM Token is the internal currency of a ZamZam Bank blockchain, which is used to pay commissions for money transfers, purchase of ZamZam banking products, tokenZAM is a standard ERC-20 token. tokens are published in the volume stated earlier, the release of additional tokens is not provided.

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