LYMPO - announces a partnership with Eidoo wallet and its ICO engine


Lympo is happy to announce that it will cooperate with the Eidoo wallet and its ICO engine for the Lympo token sale starting on February 17.
Our CEO Ada Jonuse said: “We are very glad to have such a strong crypto space player with more than 100 000 users as our token sale partner and as a wallet to conduct the future Lympo airdrops. Eidoo partnership will allow us to reach Eidoo users and to promote the token sale. The new ICO engine will demonstrate the future of the token sales with the best user experience for our contributors.”
Eidoo wallet users will be able to contribute to the Lympo token sale using the new ICO engine that guarantees the best token sale experience for our contributors. If you want to try it out, please create an Eidoo wallet and do our KYC procedure registering your Eidoo wallet address.
What does that mean for existing Eidoo wallet users?
After you successfully passed our KYCregistration, you will be able to log in to your Eidoo wallet and contribute directly to the token sale without having to access website. It also means that you will be one of the first one to get your LYM tokens this way!
What is Eidoo?
Eidoo is a wallet being used by more than 100 000 crypto enthusiasts. Eidoo wallet supports all ERC-20 tokens and is further expanding its services by offering the ICO engine and an exchange in the upcoming future.
Why should you get an Eidoo wallet as soon as possible?
Lympo will conduct all its future airdrops exclusively via Eidoo wallet. That means that all LYM token holders who hold their tokens in their Eidoo wallet will get some more LYM tokens for free.
If you already have some tokens, you will be able to transfer them to your Eidoo wallet after the end of the token sale, i.e. in the beginning of March.
Very soon we will announce more about who will qualify for the first LYM token airdrop!
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